Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Week on the Run

What a fun week we had at Blue Run this year.  It was filled with family, friends, food, and sun!  This week has been one of the bests yet, because I didn’t have a training, or freak about my classroom not being done.  On Saturday we got to spend the day with family we had not seen in awhile and it was wonderful. 


On Monday Adam and I were the only ones at Blue Run so we decided to go eat somewhere we had never eaten in Dunnellon before.  We decided to try out The Blue Gator that we had heard was a fun atmosphere.  It was very fun and delicious.   We had gator bites for an appetizer….yum!  It was so good we told DW and Annie that we had to go there again before we headed back to reality.  So we went again on Thursday, but that time we took the boat, which was a beautiful 45 minute boat ride.  After dinner we headed back to the house and Adam proposed we take the canoe to the head of the river (tied to the boat of course) and canoe the head.   I had never done this before so I was excited.  For those that are unfamiliar motorized boats are not allowed at the head so you can’t go up there unless you have a canoe or a kayak.  We saw so many turtle is was a amazing.  I wish we had taken our camera but, we knew if we did we would tip the canoe and ruin it.   One thing that was gross in some spots was the seed weed, because there was no motorized boats to stir it up it was thick and to the top of the water….yuck! You could hear waterfalls in the distance and the springs were clean and inviting.  If we wouldn’t have tipped the canoe we would have jumped in for a swim.  I hope to do it again next year, but take Adam’s dad’s waterproof camera with us.   


Blue Run is always busy and full of wildlife.  I am not at all skilled at taking photos of wildlife and scenery, but here are a few shot of birds, mama ducks with her sweet babies and the all famous otters which I love.  

2010-08-01 SD 2

Spending the whole week with this ham AB and her momma was a blast.  We play, sun bathed, snacked and hit up Sonic happy hour!  What great memories!  Annie and AB are my fun in the sun girls!


SD 2 070

We wish we were heading down to spend the day in this crystal clear cold water, but pappy’s pool will have to do this Saturday!!!  Happy Weekend you all!



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  1. looks like fun to me! we've been wanting to try the blue gator.....