Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Silly Thanks

A few weeks ago the Williston Pioneer Sun ran an ad asking for people to submit what they are thankful for. They ask that they not say the usual about family and friends, etc. So here is my silly/random list of things I am thankful for.


2. my teasing comb (Thanks Annie)

3. a dishwasher (I don't know why they make things that are not dishwasher safe)

4. keyless entry alarm, which has helped me find my car many of times

5. my spiderman bookmark that Adam cut me out of the taco box

6. my secret stash of chocolate in my filing cabinet at school

7. a car vent that heats my toes in the winter

8. my "Pandora" braclet that is full of amazing memories

9. Sprite

10. the invention of the bath pillow

What is a silly thing you are thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Molding Minds

Each day I wake up ready to take on 17 little minds. I cannot be more thankful for my profession. I get to mold and teach these first graders 180 days each year. I love the things they say, their smiles, their giggles, the joy they share when they finally get something you have been teaching. I go home each day excited about what we learned or what obstacle a child overcame...I am sure Adam gets tired of hearing me boast about my children. I say children because for 6 hours I am their mom, friend, nurse, and most importantly their teacher. I get to introduce them to new concepts they have never been exposed to and have fun while doing it! I also have had the chance to meet so many amazing women who have helped me tweak my teaching philosophy and become the educator I am today! They have been there to share praises, failures, to work through problems, and just be there to vent after a challenging day. I value them and am extremely thankful for each of them being a part of my life!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today I am thankful for memories. Can you imagine if we did not have memories? I wish we could forget the bad ones but when you sit and think about your past the good and great memories usually surpass the bad ones. The good and great memories help us get past the bad. I cherish the past memories that have brought me to this day. Some of my favorite moments are when family and friends get together and talk about our stories that make us laugh and cry. They are what keep our souls fresh, alive and thriving!

It was fun to look back and find snap shots of some favorite memories!


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Where has the time gone? The school year began and I disappeared. I have not posted since September and there has been so many fun and amazing things that have happened to us but I will not bore you and retell them all.

I have felt compelled to do a post each day about things I am thankful for as we rapidly approach this Thanksgiving season.

The Lord, our redeemer and savior is who I am most thankful for because without him we would all be lost souls. He has given my soul life with a giving heart. I wake up each morning and try to live my life through Christ's example. I am no where near perfect but I am hopefully that with continuing to learn about him I will become more Christ like each day.
He also has blessed me with so many wonderful people who seek his truths. He lead me to my husband Adam who I am also thankful for. He is my other half without his support I would not be the person I am today. He loves me unconditionally and challenges me when I need to be challenged. Each day I am excited to sit and share my experiences with him and laugh. Together we have created a home that has keep us safe and warm. Not all people can say they have that luxury, and I feel blessed to have all that we have. God has blessed us and I praise him for all he has given us.