Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Molding Minds

Each day I wake up ready to take on 17 little minds. I cannot be more thankful for my profession. I get to mold and teach these first graders 180 days each year. I love the things they say, their smiles, their giggles, the joy they share when they finally get something you have been teaching. I go home each day excited about what we learned or what obstacle a child overcame...I am sure Adam gets tired of hearing me boast about my children. I say children because for 6 hours I am their mom, friend, nurse, and most importantly their teacher. I get to introduce them to new concepts they have never been exposed to and have fun while doing it! I also have had the chance to meet so many amazing women who have helped me tweak my teaching philosophy and become the educator I am today! They have been there to share praises, failures, to work through problems, and just be there to vent after a challenging day. I value them and am extremely thankful for each of them being a part of my life!

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  1. I miss being there with you!! Waiting to become a mom has been such a blessing, but I miss being a "mom" to those students. Our profession is a truly wonderful one. Love and miss you!!