Monday, March 30, 2009

He has cleared the paths for us

Sometimes in this uncertain Earthly life it is hard not to worry. Adam and I are trying to trust in our Lord that he will give us our next step. Not knowing the next step can be extremely scary, but as Adam and I talked last night I told him that He has cleared our paths, we just have to wait for his guidance on which one to choose. Adam and I are on Day 30 of Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, and it has created much discussion in our home. The book and its scriptures has brought us closer to God than we have ever been before as a couple. I thank the Lord for speaking to me on Ash Wednesday when I suggested that Adam and I embark on this 40 day journey instead of watching our television shows during Lent. It has helped us answer many questions and concerns we have had for our lives. Adam is truly the most wonderful gift our Lord could have given me, because there is no one I would rather walk hand and hand with down this uncertain path. Please pray for us, that when the Lord tells us our next step we listen and follow His will.

Compliments of AMW

I found this picture of us walking together at the beginning of our relationship and it gave me peace, because here we are walking not even realizing this amazing journey He already had in store for us.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Whispers of the Past

I can hear the whispers of the past in my mind as I sit here thinking back on the last few years of my life. It has sure been an adventure, but I am here today standing on two feet thanking the Lord for this amazing journey He has planned for me. For me to bring you up to present day I will take you on my journey by sharing a few of the whispers that passed through my mind.

Whisper #1
Standing in the spot he proposed!

Adam and I's paths crossed in May 2006, which brought us to my first whisper of “Will you marry me?" Adam proposed on October 11, 2007 while on vacation in Ellijay, GA. The stress of planning a wedding, while finishing up UF graduate school and doing a full-time internship in a fourth grade class was a bit scary, but with the help of my high organized, selfless mother and my dutiful bridal party we planned a gorgeous May wedding.

Whisper #2
On May 3, 2008 I became Mrs. Adam Whitehurst

"I, Lauren, take you Adam..." are the some of the sweetest words said that glorious day when I married my best friend, but if you were to watch our wedding video you would think otherwise. "Just push it over my knuckle" is one comment that will forever make me giggle as I watch the exchange of our wedding bands on the wedding DVD, but I am sure to melt when Adam whispers "I love you" once all the exchanges have been made.

Whisper # 3
My first classroom

It was truly a mission to find a job in the small town of Williston. My hope was for a fourth grade class which looked promising in April 2008, but the position never opened up. I interviewed for a first grade position which was extremely frieghtning because I had not taught that age group in any practicums in college. Even with all that fear the pure joy I felt when the principal called in July and said " Lauren, I would love to offer you the first grade posistion," was amazing. Now it was time to get down and dirt in the classroom. The picture above is what it looked like the first time I walked in...yep scarey I know!

Whisper # 4
August 2008 Master's Graduation (Me, Susan, Stephanie, and Loryn)

After five years and four summers it was a relieving feeling to hear "Gradutes, congratulations, you may now move your tassell to the left!" It was a great celebration with family and friends as we enjoyed some great shrimp from a low country boil. Graduation was on Saturday and my first day of work was on Monday, when I would meet all my co-workers and understand the joys and fears of teaching.

Whisper #5

The original set up almost done!

Welcome to Team Whitehurst! Our school theme is T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), so I went all out with sports in my classroom. I waited patiently on August 18th for my 16 read them First Day Jitters...which was about a teacher who was nervous to meet her students. It was a great first day!

Finishing up my last whisper of my past I was thinking who knew I would get sucked into the blogger world, but I have found strangers that have inspired and touched my life in some way over the last few months. My hope in starting my own blog is that I could have the same affect on someone else's life. When I sat down and decided I was going to create a blog I wondered what it's purpose would be. I narrowed it's purpose down to three major aspects of my life: being a newly married woman, a first year teacher, and a Christian searching for a stronger relationship with Christ. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!