Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A First for Adam…

The last weekend in January we head down to Tampa to celebrate Tampa’s biggest and most celebrated non religious holiday….Gasparilla!  We had been down in Tampa in past years for things during Gasparilla weekend but never went.  This year had an added bonus to attend mom was in the parade.  She joined the new Krewe of Queen Anne’s Revenge.  She was the most beautiful “pirate” ever!  She hooked us up too by buying us passes for the Catering by the Family tent and a parking pass at a local church. I have always attend Gasparilla from the other side.  Being on the other side means a lot of walking and pushing through crowds to get your spot on the parade route, being hungry and thirsty and tired of standing, and crazy people, lots of crazy people. 


It was a gorgeous day!!!


January 2011January 20111


Here is mom’s float!


Mom and Adam! 

We had such a great time and say so many strange people to watch! Our favorite “friend” was this lady that was on the “other side.” One of the radio stations slogans for the parade was beads out the butt.  Well she spelled butt wrong.  So some one from or side went and fixed her sign.  She never let it bring her down she was read to catch some beads! 





On Sunday before we headed back Dad took us out of the boat to eat lunch at Hula Bay.




Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Blessings

As I sit on my front porch engrossed in my new Daniel bible study with Beth Moore I couldn’t stop to take in all my surroundings.  In the world we live in there is so much that entices our senses but what is most beautiful is the life that is right around us.  Solitude is what I would describe these moments as.  I am reading my bible and can hear the birds singing sweet songs that spring is on its way, the leaves blowing gracefully in the wind, and the songs of Pandora radio in the background reminding me that my hub is not far way.  I can feel the breeze on my unpolished toes and the warmth of the coming day on my shoulders.  I can see the green of spring beginning to emerge and the crystal clear sky inviting me to partake in an amazing day. 

I feel blessed that I can sit here and practice my faith! I feel a sense of belonging to know I will be praising our God with my fellow Christian family shortly.  I feel joy thinking about spending the day with the chance to share the love of God with family!

What are your Sunday blessing?

*Blessings, LRW*

Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Friends and Good Food

A few weekends ago was a friend filled weekend.  We had pizza and a Just Dance 2 night.  I had never played but Christina, Torie, and Jimbo wouldn’t stop talking about it.  We had a blast  dancing till after 11:30 that night.  That Sunday Adam and I went out and got the game, because we couldn’t have them practicing for our next game night.  IMAG0523

On Saturday the boys went to a gun show in Gainesville but no success.  Jimbo was eyeing a Taser, but that could only mean bad things for his friends he would try it out on. We are extremely thankful he didn’t get one!

On Sunday we got together for steak and oysters.  I love Fresh Market!  We have only shopped there twice now because it is more expensive than our normal grocery shopping!  Their produce and meat display is just so gorgeous.  Is it ok to talk about food with those adjectives?   We picked up steak, potatoes, and onions for dinner. Jimbo picked up a ton of oysters.  They were delicious.  It was a cool night but we enjoyed hanging out and visiting. DSC_1850DSC_1851DSC_1853DSC_1854DSC_1855

Saturday, February 5, 2011

They Love Us…

P1000274P1000276They really love us to be this close to each other!  HA!