Monday, February 7, 2011

Great Friends and Good Food

A few weekends ago was a friend filled weekend.  We had pizza and a Just Dance 2 night.  I had never played but Christina, Torie, and Jimbo wouldn’t stop talking about it.  We had a blast  dancing till after 11:30 that night.  That Sunday Adam and I went out and got the game, because we couldn’t have them practicing for our next game night.  IMAG0523

On Saturday the boys went to a gun show in Gainesville but no success.  Jimbo was eyeing a Taser, but that could only mean bad things for his friends he would try it out on. We are extremely thankful he didn’t get one!

On Sunday we got together for steak and oysters.  I love Fresh Market!  We have only shopped there twice now because it is more expensive than our normal grocery shopping!  Their produce and meat display is just so gorgeous.  Is it ok to talk about food with those adjectives?   We picked up steak, potatoes, and onions for dinner. Jimbo picked up a ton of oysters.  They were delicious.  It was a cool night but we enjoyed hanging out and visiting. DSC_1850DSC_1851DSC_1853DSC_1854DSC_1855


  1. so fun--oysters on the grill are my favorite!

  2. great night for sure! That video of the boys dancing is hilarious! They have some pretty good moves too!! I think my abs would be screaming the next day!

  3. That dancing is killing me! I laughed out loud right here in the office ;) Looks like so much fun!