Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful for Relationships

5. Friends that are like family and family that have become friends is a thing to be thankful.  Spending this week on friends and family…

Most people may not know this about me but I am the oldest of 9 siblings.  Divorced parents…2 brothers (21 and 17) on my mom’s side and 2 brothers and 5 sisters on my dads side (19 to 9 years old).  The sister closest to me is 10 years younger which a a big age difference when you are in college and getting married.  My friends have been like my sisters and I am so thankful to have such amazing women in my life.  God has blessed me with some great strong women!

Annie is first my “sister-in-love” but is also one of my closet friends.  She is married to Adam’s big brother Devin and I have know Annie the almost the same amount of time as Adam because we all met in July 2006.  Annie has taught me what being a sister is all about.  You challenge each other, love each other, teach each other and sometimes make each other mad I am sure, but at the end of the day your family!  She is a women of faith, strength and courage.  I am grateful to call her a sister! nash-031_thumb1 IMG_2283

6.Rita came into my life in 2009 across the hall from me at Joyce Bullock.  A common love for children and teaching merged our lives and in that I have found a very best friend.  Most people would say I say things like they are and Rita would be one that is very similar and that is why we mesh so well. Ha-ha…I am sometimes unsure if that is a good or bad thing.  She balances me because she can put me in my place like my husband and mother.  She on the other hand is also compassionate, full of hope and a beautiful person and I love that about our friendship and what she teaches me.  IMG_2062IMG_2996 IMG_2557

Christina is married to one of Adam’s very best friends Mark who is one of my most favorite guys!  I tell her all the time how I am so glad she likes me now…from our first time meeting I thought she hated me.  It takes time for her to warm up to you and I am not the only person that thought that about Christina.  She is one of a kind and I can’t imagine life with our Christina in it!  She is my friend that is probably the hardest on me and I love that and need that.  She keeps me on my toes all while loving me and making me laugh in the process.  She was also a best friend of Rita so you may see the three of us together stirring up trouble. 

IMG_2382IMG_2388IMG_2539  IMG_1655      IMG_2065


7.  The sisters…Becoming friends with Lesley meant life with Lindsey is a given!  I first met Lesley in college during our time at Norman Hall.  We graduated together in 2007 and 2008 with our masters  but had no ideas our lives would merge again in August 2009 when she began teaching at Joyce Bullock as a kindergarten teacher.  Our friendship first consisted of school and the triumphs and trials of teaching but it has transformed into so much more.  She is one of my very best friends and her family has become people I look forward to hanging out with.  Lesley has been through so much and she has remained strong and saw God’s grace through it all.  I love her for giving me scripture when I need it and her constant reminder that I am in her prayer journal.  She is a beautiful person who loves to laugh and love.  Her sister, Lindsey is exactly the same way! They fight like sisters and it makes me so uncomfortable but I love how they challenge each other and protect each other regardless of what the other thinks. 

IMG_3108   IMG_2059   


8. Rosa…my teaching baby who is now such a dear friend!  Rosa was my first intern and now I have the pleasure of teaching across the hall from her at Joyce Bullock, planning with her daily, and being her mentor!  While I may be her teaching mentor, she has been such a spiritual blessing to me.  She is my hand slapper at work.  She gives me the look to remind me to keep it in check, she will give me scripture when I need it, and she prays for me daily because I can feel it!  She is an amazing women who is strong and loving and compassionate.  She is the Buzz to my Woody! :) IMG_1528IMG_3048

9. Three generations…I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to grow up with my grandparents.  My dad’s parents live in Tampa and I got to see them weekly and my mom’s parents lived in Michigan but stayed with us from Thanksgiving until the snow melted and then we visited up there two weeks every summer.  I love that I have so many memories with my grandparents and parents.  They are the people that are the first to drive you crazy but they are only trying to love you the only way they know how! IMG_1589


10. My Fur Family

Sadie is 10 years old but acts like a little puppy when you walk through that door.She is full of love and energy.   This is her begging face!  IMG_1437

Remi is our fur baby together.  He will be a year old on December 20th and he has taking us for a ride this year.  He has cut his paw, broken a toe, run away, worked cows for the first time, met his very best friend LuLu and has stolen our hearts.  His wagging nub tail will forever make me smile after a long day at work.


Lily took a turn at Photo Booth on the I Pad.  She is 8 and is our number 1 cuddle bug.  She will find your lap and sugar you up for a neck rub any day. 



11. My church and my church family made me proud today!  We honored our veterans today and it was a beautiful display… all the men and woman up in front getting recognized!  We are truly blessed to live in a country where we can worship together, pray together and be together as brothers and sisters in Christ.    Adam and I recently joined our first Sunday school class led by Bobby Kavanaugh.  It is so so good and just what our souls needed. To be with like Christians sharing and learning from our every day struggles as humans in this fallen world.  We all have one thing right Jesus is the answer!!!  Our church also hosted a fall festival for our community today and it was just perfect.  We saw some new faces and I pray that they saw the light of Christ in our children and our members running the booths so they come to learn more about Jesus and His grace!

 churchchurch 2 

Sending love your way!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful November

Lots of friends are posting daily what they are thankful for this November.  I am documenting here and weekly instead of daily. 


1. First and foremost I am thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ!  He knows my faults and failures (there are many) but He is also my biggest cheerleader when I am doing things right.  He knows my heart and is constantly working and perfecting me and for that I will forever praise his name!   IMG_0183


2. God gave me a man that completed me and I never knew your love for you husband could get more intense but it does.  Adam and I are coming up on 5 years of marriage and I can’t help but feel blessed beyond measure to have him.  He is the most caring, loving, funny, silly, hardest working, fun having man I could have ever found.  He pushes me to be better and hugs me when I need it, my walk in life wouldn’t have been complete with out him by my side. 

IMG_0175 IMG_2349 IMG_1980  

3.   Family…mine and his and what is his is now mine and that I am thankful.  Both our families are intense in their own ways and I love that about them.  They bring so much adventure, laughter, love and support in all that we do together.  Life is just so much sweeter when memories are made with the people you cherish most. IMG_0263IMG_2322IMG_0262IMG_2784 IMG_3009

4. Being an Aunt to nieces is probably one of my most favorite things!  You can ask them I can literally eat the sweetness off of them.  I have been blessed to be a part of so many of their milestones and I look forward to them becoming young women and little ladies!  IMG_0041 IMG_3038IMG_1955IMG_0061   IMG_0146   

Many blessing this week!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

In all kinds of weather...

What a fun day filled with family and great memories! We can't win them all but Adam and I are still proud to be Gators! Go Gators!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nashville Photo Dump

Last weekend we spent 4 music filled days in one of my favorite places...Nashville, Tennessee! Adam and I spent Thursday listening to music on Broadway at Layla's and Toosties! We met up at Puckett's Grocery for dinner with Adam's family and then listened to some old country at the Ryman! Annie and I are famous...we graced the stage that night which was so much fun! Friday we ate at the must eat at spot...Pancake Pantry! Later that day we went on the cheesy but fun tour of the stars homes. I can't believe Dolly didn't invite us in for tea and cookies! Friday night after dinner at Merchants with the family we head to meet up with old friends and had a blast! Old roommates and best was wonderful to catch up and laugh with the people who have been such a part of my life! Saturday we explored the Gaylord Opry Mills which was beautiful. That afternoon we geared up for some gator game time against Vandy! The crowd was wild and we brought home a win! Sunday we had a lazy morning and went to brunch before heading to the airport. It was a great trip and I always love the time away with my man!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A project or two...

This summer we had a barn built for boat storage and we had new windows put in our bedroom and wood trim added. We just got the blinds up last weekend. We are wanting to continue vamping up our bedroom with new paint, bedding, and cross your fingers crown molding. If I can just find the perfect bedding. I am having the hardest time deciding!