Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall is Up & Christmas is Out

That means I am yet again behind since I haven’t even posted about Halloween! At the end of October we ventured out for our annual tailgate celebration in Jacksonville for the Florida/Georgia game!  We always have the best food and this year did not disappoint…kabobs, pasta salad, dips, brownies, and cupcakes!  This year was extra special, since Sam and Marianne were down from Virginia for the game.  We don’t get to see this family often so we enjoyed the memories made! 


That night we went to dinner with Sam and Marianne before heading back to our hotel.  Adam left bright and early the next morning for a week long hunting trip in Illinois!  He was excited to go but I sure was going to miss him.   I had a lot planned for when he was gone to keep me busy. My mom came up to visit for a few days and Monday was Halloween .  My mom and I went trick or treating with Annabelle and my nephew Willie in town.  It was so much fun to see the kiddos get into to it!


Willie and I! Check out those sweet triplet brothers who were aliens to go with big brother Willie’s Woody costume!


Had few trick or treaters later on that night.  The Arnold’s stopped by and AB! P1030027

It was also homecoming week at the HS and that means a PARADE!! I love a parade and it was a good one since we knew quite a few of the students in it. I sat with Rita and Hoyt to watch the parade and collect a few pieces of candy.

P1030055P1030059Willie was in it since he was the Peanut King at the Peanut Festival.

P1030057P1030064Kels was on the senior float which was adorable! P1030066And my peer counselor Ms. Hayley was on senior court and won homecoming queen Friday night! P1030056

It was fun all around….Rita and I headed home to pack for our girls adventure that was starting the following AM!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weddings x 2


We have been busy around here celebrating weddings!  Adam’s good friend Robert and Ashley were married earlier in October.  There ceremony was at the chapel on Lake Alice at UF.  As a student at UF I would ride past that chapel, but had never took the time to park and check it out.  The chapel which over looked the lake was beautiful and the weather could have not been more perfect. 


Robert the handsome groom awaiting his bride! DSC_0014

Ashley was stunning!DSC_0016The three amigos who were the ushers..ha-ha!


The next weekend we had Nellie and Chetley’s wedding!  We were all so excited for this wedding since they had been together for so many years, we all were just waiting for the day they would say their wedding vows.  P1010952

Arielle and me after the ceremony


More fabulous looking ladies


I loved this wedding because Adam and I got to sit together at the ceremony.  The last couple of weddings Adam was either in them or ushering. It was nice to sit next to him, hold his hand and listen as the preacher said Nellie and Chetley’s vows.  I found myself saying I do under my breath and squeezing Adams’s hand as a renewal of my promises I made over 3 years ago to Adam.  Am I a weirdo or do all women do the same things at weddings?  Well if I am a weirdo then so be it…I love my man!


Justin was ready for some dinner and dancing! P1010961

When we snapped this picture of the boys and the groom we all laughed, because I was upset that Chetley’s eyes were closed.  He informed me that his eyes were in deed open but his “fat cheeks” made them appear closed, which is now true that the picture is bigger then on the digital camera screen.  He was a happy man at this point because he had one gorgeous wife to show off. Nellie was a stunner but so ready for her honeymoon…I agreed as a fellow teacher…a week away from our students with our men is just what we need to feel refreshed and ready to teach until Christmas.  Too bad I didn’t have a honeymoon planned this week too! P1010960


Nellie is Jimbo’s little sister, so Torie and Jimbo were attendants in the wedding. Torie and Jimbo were looking snazzy!  Mr. Jimmy was a proud dad that evening to a beautiful daughter and new son-in-law.


A favorite memory was Christina and I showing up in the same dress just different colors.  It was a great laugh and if it was anyone else I would have been bummed but I wouldn’t mind being a “twin” with Christina any day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Too Much Fun Part 2

Right before school started for the second year in a row we went to the mountains with Adam’s dads family.  It was so fun and we had beautiful weather!

August 20115

Thankfully we had DW this year on our rafting trip!  No one fell out this year…ha.August 20117

The flowers and the scenery was amazing as always!  It was a wonderful time with family laughing, eating, and making many memories. August 20116DSC_0293

Then school started and with that life became super busy.  We celebrated the birth of our triplet nephews!  Doesn’t Adam look good hold two of the sweet boys? IMAG1020

Adam was busy with peanuts in September!  It was a great year to be in peanuts!  Rita, Hoyt and I celebrated by hitting up the Peanut Festival.  I saw Willie, our nephew take the crown as baby peanut king which was awesome! September 20111

Gator football!  It has been a rough year so far but we still stand strong behind our gators! September 2011

We said goodbye to 2 cars and hello to one.  Adam and I traded in our cars to get a Chevy Tahoe which I LOVE!!!!IMAG1023DSC_0011IMAG1028

Adam and I both got Christmas in September!  I got a new vacuum and he got a new climber for hunting season.  Thanks mom and dad for our early Christmas gifts!


Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Chonda Peirce Show with 4 wonderful ladies!  We laughed and enjoyed ourselves.  Getting away with people you work with in a non-school setting is so important sometimes.  P1010917

Well that catches me up and now that I don’t feel so behind I may get excited about blogging every now and then. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Having TOO Much FUN!!!! Part 1

I am so super busy now but that is not the reason I took a vaca from blogging we were having too much fun with a bit of work here and there! We spent our annual week at the end of July at our beloved BLUE RUN!! It was so much fun as always! A few highlights…

  • Adam and I had our flippers and snorkels to try out this year.
  • The archaic TV in our room had satellite…HAHA!
  • Annabelle caught a fish on her princess fishing rod.
  • We had some friends come visit! Hoyt loved the cold water for a bit.
  • We saw 2 water snakes eekk!

July 20111July 20112

We had many little adventures!  Trips to Pappy’s swimming pool and to Georgia to get tractor parts. A trip to Georgia is not official unless you get some peaches!  We also got Adam’s bow all set up for this November's hunting trip. 

July 2011

We made got away for a weekend in Steinhatchee with some family for more scalloping adventures.  Make me want to cook up some alfredo right now!

July 20113

Mom and I did our 2nd  girls trip.  It had been too long since the last one which we took in 2002 to New York City.  We are hopping to make it an annual thing.  We already have ideas of next years destination.   This year we travel to a place neither of us had been…CHARLESTON, South Carolina!  It was AMAZING! The town is absolutely gorgeous. The first day we walked around and hit up the market.  We did this each day because there were different people there each day. 

August 2011

The second day we did a tour of the city by carriage ride which was neat.  There is so much history in this town! August 20111

In the afternoon of the 2nd day we went to the aquarium which was fun and cool.  No one told us how hot it would be in August!  We boiled for sure! The 3rd day we went to Middleton Plantation but with in 20 minutes of us getting there it began to pour so these a literally the only pictures I have from it.

August 20112

On our last day there we took a river cruise to check out Fort Sumter.  The history was gripping and at one point during a presentation you could have heard a pin drop.  The audience was mesmerized.   August 20113

On top of learning a lot about the city and taking in all its beauty we ate and ate and ate.  Oh my the food was glorious.  I would go back just to eat  for a few day..ha-ha!

August 20114

These were the perfect adventures to decompress before school began again…but the fun is not over yet!