Friday, October 28, 2011

Weddings x 2


We have been busy around here celebrating weddings!  Adam’s good friend Robert and Ashley were married earlier in October.  There ceremony was at the chapel on Lake Alice at UF.  As a student at UF I would ride past that chapel, but had never took the time to park and check it out.  The chapel which over looked the lake was beautiful and the weather could have not been more perfect. 


Robert the handsome groom awaiting his bride! DSC_0014

Ashley was stunning!DSC_0016The three amigos who were the ushers..ha-ha!


The next weekend we had Nellie and Chetley’s wedding!  We were all so excited for this wedding since they had been together for so many years, we all were just waiting for the day they would say their wedding vows.  P1010952

Arielle and me after the ceremony


More fabulous looking ladies


I loved this wedding because Adam and I got to sit together at the ceremony.  The last couple of weddings Adam was either in them or ushering. It was nice to sit next to him, hold his hand and listen as the preacher said Nellie and Chetley’s vows.  I found myself saying I do under my breath and squeezing Adams’s hand as a renewal of my promises I made over 3 years ago to Adam.  Am I a weirdo or do all women do the same things at weddings?  Well if I am a weirdo then so be it…I love my man!


Justin was ready for some dinner and dancing! P1010961

When we snapped this picture of the boys and the groom we all laughed, because I was upset that Chetley’s eyes were closed.  He informed me that his eyes were in deed open but his “fat cheeks” made them appear closed, which is now true that the picture is bigger then on the digital camera screen.  He was a happy man at this point because he had one gorgeous wife to show off. Nellie was a stunner but so ready for her honeymoon…I agreed as a fellow teacher…a week away from our students with our men is just what we need to feel refreshed and ready to teach until Christmas.  Too bad I didn’t have a honeymoon planned this week too! P1010960


Nellie is Jimbo’s little sister, so Torie and Jimbo were attendants in the wedding. Torie and Jimbo were looking snazzy!  Mr. Jimmy was a proud dad that evening to a beautiful daughter and new son-in-law.


A favorite memory was Christina and I showing up in the same dress just different colors.  It was a great laugh and if it was anyone else I would have been bummed but I wouldn’t mind being a “twin” with Christina any day!

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