Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Secret Obsession

People.com is one of my favorite websites.  I use to buy the magazine all the time but now just keep up with the hollywood smut the free way.  Never did I dream our own Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow would be on People.com.  The article is about his Pro-Life Superbowl commercial telling about the reason he is here today.  Check it out...is this anyone else's secret obsession?     


Monday, January 25, 2010

College of the Holy Cross

      On Saturday my brother made the first big decision in his young adult life.  It is crazy to say young adult, because he is my first little brother (insert tear here).  I can remember holding this little boy in my hands when I was heading to my first day of kindergarten.  He was at that moment one of my most favorite people.  Now I can't say that after years of hair pulling, name calling, and tattling, but I would do absolutely anything for him.   He has decided to attend College of the Holy Cross and play line backer for their nationally ranked football team (Division I- Football Championship Subdivision).  It was a shock because he went to Princeton a few weeks ago and loved it.  I am so excited for him, because my college years were filled with amazing moments.  I went to the Holy Cross website last night to look at their 2010 football schedule to figure out the game Adam and I will hope to go to, but there was no schedule.  I am a proud sister today, and I hope his college years will be as enjoyable as mine were!  


Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Saturday Adventure

This weekend we went on an adventure to Cedar Key.  The weather was just beautiful, so we took the top off the Jeep and grabbed our new camera that we got for Christmas.  Adam and I got a Nikon D 90, and it has been fun to take amazing pictures!  I have brought it to school and took pictures of the children on the playground but, we haven't used it much together.  I love our weekends adventures, because back when Adam and I were dating he would pick me up and take me to all these places that I had never been before.  Many of the places were small coastal towns in Levy County that I had never even heard of.  We had not escaped in a long time so it was wonderful to let my hair down and enjoy being with my husband.  Cedar Key has such history, but this visit was for not for museums.  I have however been to the museum with my mom a few years ago and it was really interesting stuff.  It had displays about the railroad and making brushes/brooms.  But for those of you who are not familiar with Cedar Key they are famous for their clams, so I bet you can guess why we were there...FOOD. 

We went to Tony's Seafood Restaurant to have their WORLD FAMOUS CLAM CHOWDER!  Let me just tell you it was amazing and we had to bring some home for my in-laws and for DW and Annie! I had a cup of chowder with the tastiest grilled cheese I have had in a long time.  It made me want to go home and see my mom, because she always made the best grilled cheese sandwiches.  While there we checked out the new fishing peir, drove around the island and we got to see a plane land.  I know that last thing probably sounds silly, but there was no barrier between us and the landing strip so it was a thrill to watch it land and hope and pray that it didn't crash into us.  In all it was an amazing day filled with much laughter and adventure.  Here are some pictures we took...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Mental To Do List

I have never been one to write down all the things I have to do.  However when I do take the time to write a list I have an enormous sense of accomplishment when I get to cross it off.  I laid in bed last night and could not fall asleep.  My mind was racing, thinking " I want to do this in the house and I need to get this done tomorrow, etc."   I was mentally making my to do list and then going over it again and again and again.   It reminded me how I feel at the beginning of the school year, when I have the most vivid teaching dreams.  I wake up exhausted from thinking all night!  I am looking forward to the weekend because it gives me a break from thinking for 18 little minds, but I plan on working on a to do list. Maybe with a to do list my mind can take a rest and I could become more productive :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time with Christ

Time is such a hard concept to put your hands around.  There is never enough time and then what do you spend your time on.  I read women's blogs who work, who don't work, have children, don't have children and I always think how do they have the time to do this and that, let alone blog.  I am so overwhelmed to get everything done.  I would have to say I do really love my sleep and I have 18 first graders who do appreciate when I have had a good night of sleep.  I have a lot things I want to do with my life, Adam and I's life, but I get beat down to know where to start and what is most important.  Yesterday at church our preacher spoke about Jesus' first miracle, the wedding at Canna.  He said God choses when to perform His miracles in his time.  Our preacher said everything we do should be spiritual from going grocery shopping to spending time together because you never know when one of God's miracles will affect your life.  I do know and believe if I let God into evey aspect of my life I will know what is most important and what I need to be doing with my time.  Right now God is a small part of my day when he should be all of my day.  I want to pray more and begin reading the bible daily, so that I can learn more about him and live a more Christ like life.  I guess you could say my Christian New Years resoluation (I know it is late) is to read the WHOLE bible.  I have printed out Rick Warren's guide to reading the Bible in a year.  With the devil all around us I will sure need help to stay focus on Christ.  I know I don't have many followers but when you think about me or see me for those that live around me, ask me how my walk in faith is going.  If you ask I might just have a miracle to share with you from that day.