Monday, January 25, 2010

College of the Holy Cross

      On Saturday my brother made the first big decision in his young adult life.  It is crazy to say young adult, because he is my first little brother (insert tear here).  I can remember holding this little boy in my hands when I was heading to my first day of kindergarten.  He was at that moment one of my most favorite people.  Now I can't say that after years of hair pulling, name calling, and tattling, but I would do absolutely anything for him.   He has decided to attend College of the Holy Cross and play line backer for their nationally ranked football team (Division I- Football Championship Subdivision).  It was a shock because he went to Princeton a few weeks ago and loved it.  I am so excited for him, because my college years were filled with amazing moments.  I went to the Holy Cross website last night to look at their 2010 football schedule to figure out the game Adam and I will hope to go to, but there was no schedule.  I am a proud sister today, and I hope his college years will be as enjoyable as mine were!  



  1. awwwww... i stayed up to see see this since you told me you were working on it! So sweet... I LOVE the old pics. Oh my gosh, I hope I have a niece that looks just like that adorable little girl in the first picture. If I do, I think I'll bite her often and pinch her cheeks!!! :)
    So happy for Michael and excited for him as he begins this next chapter! He's got so much going for him and is so blessed to have such a great family! :)

  2. awesome!! so neat :) i love being a big sis!

  3. yay for him (and you!) How EXCITING!@!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats to your brother! How exciting. I know what you mean, there is nothing so special as a relationship with your little brother. I am crazy about mine too!