Monday, March 25, 2013

Who Would Have Thunk It?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think,  “Hey, let me start running.”  We bought a treadmill in November which has surely been a love-hate relationship.  Not because we have to exercise on it, but because it is never working correctly.  I would never recommend an EPIC.  But for the days it does want to cooperate I have enjoyed getting on the treadmill after work to jam out or watch a favorite show while getting my run on.  This whole running thing got really weird when I ran while visiting my parents in Tampa.  Who knew I  would look forward to running while away from home.  I love my run keeper app for when I run outside (she coaches me through) and sometimes when I have had a rough day and I have no desire to run I put up my VS catalogue for a little motivation, ha!

IMG_4563Proof I ran in Tampa


Run Keeper



My motivation…swimsuit edition, no less!

After we worked our way to 2 miles of continuous running we began to research our first 5 K.  I wanted to do a festive one so the theme would get me pumped up and excited.  We decided on the St. Paddy’s Day 5K in Ocala. 


They had a costume contest which made me start to scout out the best outfit.  We decided to go for comfort over style.  But those sweet running pants were definitely a runner up for Adam, ha!




The night before the race I laid everything out since 6AM is usually 45 minutes prior to when my feet ever hit the floor on a normal weekday.  I hopped right up and got dressed. I was pumped and excited. Adam and I jammed all the way there, and were ready to get out packets and meet up with Rita and Hoyt.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

We had breakfast and got ready for the start of the race.  Adam and I stayed together for the first half and then I needed to slow my pace.  He just has longer legs than me and he needed to move on.  After the 2nd mile marker I had to walk about 3 house lengths because I was having trouble getting air but them resumed for the final stretch. 

photo 1photo 2

Adam finish 1141th  at 29.12 and 5th in his age group.  I finished 146th at 31.04 and 7th in my age group.  Out of 330 runners I think that is pretty awesome given it was our first one.  We have caught the bug as some say.  We are looking for our next race for April.  Some contenders are the Fallen Heroes 5 K at UF and a 5K in Macintosh for a school fundraiser.  Your welcome to join us!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Joy and Love! Growing up valentines day was always about my dad and mom since it was their anniversary. They eloped to Lake Tahoe with my dad's best friend, Uncle Jimmy and got hitched in Loves Chapel. Got to talked to my mom for over a half hour today and wished them love and blessings as they begin working towards there 25th year of marriage. My parents at times drive me and each other crazy but at the end of the day they do love each other and they are still working to keep the love fresh and alive. Valentine's Day brings that excitement and love back to so many relationships. I woke up to my hunny bringing me coffee in bed. I was super surprised when a dozen roses were delivered to my classroom. I had a teachable moment when I had to explain what "I'm gonna kick Mr. Adam!" meant in figurative language. He asked why I was surprised because I was sure we discussed no flowers but he said that never came out of his mouth. My dear friend Christina had two delicious cake pops delivered with love to my classroom too! A chocolate and a carmel cake pop...oh they were scrumptious ! At home I tried out my first flour-less peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that are not too bad. Then we recreated the first fancy meal Adam ever cooked for me...coconut shrimp and filet but this time he added bacon wrapped to the steak and I cooked green beans instead of baked potato. It was delicious and it was fun to eat off our fine china which doesn't happen often enough. After dinner we exchanged our gifts and I was super excited to receive a new exercise outfit. He was so thoughtful in his choices. A yellow top because it was my favorite color and the socks had extra cushion for my sore feet. He got a new black belt for his black shark boots he got for Christmas from my parents and a fun date night coupon book. We have the shooting range to hit up, a brewery, a dream car rental drive, kayaking our favorite the river, and a few others. We ended our night with bring valentines to our sweet nieces. There is so much love to go around with those two and we are blessed to be there Uncle and Aunt. Valentines day is a day to vamp up and recharge the love you already have for each other and I am grateful for a wonderful Lord, family, friends, and a husband who always make me feel well loved. What a blessing it is to feel well loved!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Weekend Fun

I just loved celebrating Adam this weekend! We spent Friday night enjoying the fresh seafood in Cedar Key. It was a beautiful night and the live music was great. On Saturday we spent the morning lounging at home and then we went over to help his dad and Kellee put together his little sisters new custom closets. We had a late lunch at Mexico, one of our favorites and enjoyed the Gators basketball victory. The main event was Saturday night with some of our most favorite people. I made reservations on the patio at the Great Outdoors Restaurant in High Springs. We feasted, laughed, sang, and just enjoyed celebrating Adam the Farmer! Sunday called for birthday cake pancakes which were scrumptious. So glad I had pinned that recipe! We enjoyed church and then went on an adventure to San Felasco State Park for an afternoon of jogging and walking the trails. For dinner his dad grilled the most delicious steaks from Fresh Market and Kellee had all the fixings. Dessert did not disappoint either with nut cake and homemade strawberry ice cream. It is always fun to celebrate the people you love most but it was rewarding to see all the people who love and support my man!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a lazy day filled with amazing food and family! We crossed all three things a off that list! Adam made sliders while Annie made buffalo chicken dip, cheese sticks and the most amazing sundae I had had in a long time. Brownie, ice cream, carmel sauce, strawberries, and fresh whipped can you go wrong! Even our boy tried to come up to the house for all the fun, but he was told to go on home which he was not pleased about. AB watched him from the front window letting us know when he finally made the short run across the field back home...haha! We cheered for the Ravens since their colors were purple. We are easily swayed around here with AB pulling on our heart strings! Happy week, may it go quickly I am ready to celebrate my man this weekend!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Better than Rum and Gunpowder...

Gasparilla 2013 was a blast filled with sun, family, and pirates! KQAR had a beauty this year was back in action throwing "booty" to all the parade goers! Best Gasparilla yet because we were all together in a weird way. Mom was in the parade, Adam, Dad, Michael, Carli and me were at the tent, and Matthew worked the tent. Ready for 2014 already!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God is Amazing!

be still 3

Last week He was there for me and showed me His sense of humor.  A friend prayed this scripture over me on Wednesday AM. Her timing was God’s timing for sure! I needed it by 5:30 that night as I said it over and over again to keep it together.  The next morning it was the scripture in Adam and I’s devotional.  On Thursday when I opened my YouVersion app to read my morning scriptures I bet you could guess what the scripture of the day was.  Oh yep that scripture again.  He knows my heart and knows where I am right now.   I will forever praise him for His love and understanding of my shortcomings. 

Many Blessings *LRW*

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I went to write a post this afternoon and found this saved to our desktop!  Thankful November got in the way of living so it never got completed, but here were my last few I got done. 


12. I am thankful that my Dad and brothers have welcomed my husband into their lives and treat him like he has always been a part of the family.  They don’t hold back on picking on him and Adam gives it right back.  DSC_0112

13. Adam has some really influential men in his life I am thankful for!  His Daddy, big brother, Devin, and his Papa.  I never knew his Grandfather Mr. Elliot but if he was anything like Mr. Pug  (Adam’s Dad) I can peg him as a good one!  They are strong men with compassionate hearts, great work ethic but also love to put family and fun first when ever possible.  Thanks for being a wonderful example for my man! IMG_0726


14. This guy and his love for children!  He would do anything for this little one who healed and stole our heart four years ago.  He wants to hold them and kiss them and talk baby talk to them.  It melts my heart and excites me thinking about what an amazing father he will be one day. 


This is as far as I got with a few images uploaded for the rest….haha