Sunday, January 27, 2013

Better than Rum and Gunpowder...

Gasparilla 2013 was a blast filled with sun, family, and pirates! KQAR had a beauty this year was back in action throwing "booty" to all the parade goers! Best Gasparilla yet because we were all together in a weird way. Mom was in the parade, Adam, Dad, Michael, Carli and me were at the tent, and Matthew worked the tent. Ready for 2014 already!



  1. Awesome pictures Lauren! Love Mom

  2. So much fun!!! I want a lesson on gasparilla and how it all works. Maybe dinner one night this week!! :) love all the pics and I know it did you good to have a weekend away with your parents & brothers! :)

  3. love this!!! your mom makes one "hot" pirate... i know where you get your beauty!!! i love the picture of Remi with his head on the tool box!!!!!!!! priceless! looked like so much fun. :) w-s-m