Tuesday, January 22, 2013

God is Amazing!

be still 3

Last week He was there for me and showed me His sense of humor.  A friend prayed this scripture over me on Wednesday AM. Her timing was God’s timing for sure! I needed it by 5:30 that night as I said it over and over again to keep it together.  The next morning it was the scripture in Adam and I’s devotional.  On Thursday when I opened my YouVersion app to read my morning scriptures I bet you could guess what the scripture of the day was.  Oh yep that scripture again.  He knows my heart and knows where I am right now.   I will forever praise him for His love and understanding of my shortcomings. 

Many Blessings *LRW*


  1. In love those moments when you can see His hand so clearly. :)

  2. it is quite amazing what we can hear and experience when we are ''"still". love & prayers!!! :) w-s-m