Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family is an Amazing Thing

When you get married you have the fear of not being accepted by your new family. Thankful that has never been a fear of mine! I have fit right in and feel right at home every time we get together. I also gained two big brothers! Being the oldest in my family I never knew how great it can be to have older siblings that can watch over you. I also have a sister, Annie who is close to my age and has become one of my dearest friends. When Annie is by my side I believe I can do anything! She has supported me and helped me look at life in a different light (a better light). I would have to say the most amazing thing about becoming part of the Whitehurst family is the fact that I am an AUNT! When Adam proposed in October 2007 I became an instant Aunt to four amazing children.
Being an Aunt is amazingly special. To love, hold and help mold these little children's lives. Loving someone that much changes your heart! My heart has been forever changed because of my nieces and nephews! I cannot imagine the love I will have for Adam and I's future children one day! December 2008 I became an Aunt again! It was so special because I got be involved in the pregnancy, all the showers and be their the day Annabelle was born. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed. Look at her then and look at her now...
December 2008

September 2009

What can I say I love family! When we get together we laugh, share our live, and love...what more could you ask for. What is your favorite thing about family? Here is our latest get together...ROCK BAND!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweat Equity Pride

This was the one room in our house that had not been revamped. DW, Annie, and Cooper had lived here and renovated most of the house. Thankful Annie and I have similar taste in design and color. We have not had to go hog wild with reno's when we moved in like most home buyers. We just spent money on having to fix pipes and the roof. Oh how I love my house, but it is true with a house there is always something. Our office was were Adam's "things" went. All the old decorations from his man pad and his mounted deer heads was in this room. My falocify is dead animals should not be on the walls in a home, but around here that was not the case. Here are the before pictures of the office.

I was thrilled to see all of this decor go.
The deer mirror was a personal favorite...NOT. Hah :)
The deer is peeking out to say hello.

The big computer hutch took up most of our valuable wall space.
Check out the unfinished wall above the door to the patio.

I snatch this book case for my class.
I painted it and love it in the classroom.

My most hated detail of this room. The brown rippled carpet.
This was the room that Sadie (dog) and Lily (cat)
were put in at night. So it has a peculiar smell.

So I convinced Adam something had to be done. We had our UF diplomas framed and had no where to hang them with that big computer chest on the one big wall. I wanted a room that was functional that we would actually use, because I hated being there. We started the project by getting everything out but the computer chest (it was too heavy for me to help him carry) and started priming, and painting ceilings.

Lets just say the job I hated the most was painting the had to be done since it had 70 era glitter in it. Adam and I laughed about keeping it up and putting up a disco ball and making it our dance room! So the next big decision was color. Well let me fill you in on our bathroom theme in our house. They are each a different color. We have a yellow (master), blue (spare bedroom), white (spare bedroom), and green (office bathroom). When I say they are that color the shower, counter tops and toilets where all that color. Thankful between when DW and Annie lived here and Adam and I we have white toilets everywhere. SO back to color...the green in the bathroom is sage green...and I love it. So I was on a mission to match it because I wanted to use the green in the office somewhere. So I was up at Lowe's pulling every green paint swatch imaginable and looking at the all the design pamphlets when I had my epiphany. I wanted an accent wall with alternating color stripe. So we headed home with my paint swatches to match my green bathroom color. I have to applaud Adam for dealing with my. He was so helpful, because I didn't know a thing about fixing stuff up. We worked together to get the painters tape up for my stripe vision. It complete changed the feel of the room. It make it seem like we have high ceilings in their now. Once the painting was done we headed down to Adam's Aunt's flooring store and ordered our wood! It sat there for a bit since we went on a cruise and had VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church going on. Adam's Dad was putting wood in his office and decided he was going to have the company come over and put our wood in. I am so glad he did because I have a feeling we could have really messed it up. Plus the flooring company discovered rotting wood on our door. So as most reno's go we had an added expense. We have a brand new beautiful door. Well it looks the same but has no rotting wood. Here is the room with paint, wood, and trim done. All it needed was office furniture.

Don't you love it? Well don't answer if you don't!

We search the Internet to find the perfect office furniture. I was searching for a writing desk with pretty legs. My hope was that the desk would be larger like an executive desk, but pretty like a writing desk. All the furniture we found was so expensive. :( We looked at Pottery Barn, Ballard Design, Office Depot, online stores, and Craig's list. No luck! It wasn't until we ran to the office supply for the classroom stuff that we realized we never looked at Office MAX! SO with every project you have your ideal image of the finished product in your mind. I put my vision into a sketch and I walked up to this one display and told Adam, "THIS IS MY VISION!" He knew right then he was in trouble. The Broyhill Sunset Hills collection had to be in our office. So we noticed it was on "Clearance" and went home and slept on it. Dave Ramsey would be so proud that we didn't make an emotional purchase. I continued to watch it online and it didn't go down further, so we decided the next Saturday we were going to go get it. We get there on Saturday and the Office Max employee says did you know tomorrow started the up to 50% off furniture event. So he got us and we decided to hold off one more day to see if the set would go down anymore. Well of course it didn't so we headed back to buy it. Only it has been discontinued and the only thing we could purchase and for sure get was the desk. I felt defeated, but she said you can buy the floor set up for 10% off. My ears perked up, and went to check out the condition of the floor set up. Adam and I were looking it over whispering to each other when the manager walked up and said well what do you think. I himmed and hahhed and told her there are quit a few flaws, I need at least 20% off to consider purchasing it. She said, "I can do that" and it was sold. As she walked away I told Adam that was too easy! Maybe I should have asked for more but he reassured me that I doubled her offer. So we took home the bookcase and the filing cabinet, ordered the chair and the desk for delivery! We need more stuff for the walls and a window treatment but the room over all is in much better shape than when we moved in. A job well done! Now go check it out! :)

The reason the renovation began...our UF diplomas!

Oh I forgot we got a fan too! I love it, but man fans are a pain to put together!

His gun case was the only thing that made its way
back in the office, but it matches quite well.

A bookcase with underneath storage to hide my JUNK!

The glorious desk Adam so graciously put together!
Looking for a rug to put underneath it.

Oh and we can't forget the GREEN bathroom which inspired the wall!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday with Willie Whitehurst

We wished and hoped for a game day baby!

But he waited until September 8, 2009!

A PROUD Momma and Daddy (William and Stephanie)

Look Daddy I am ready for this Saturday!!

I can't wait until they all get home because I know his
Aunt Lauren and Uncle Adam can't wait to love on him!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Give Me a G, Give Me an A...

The day my man looks forward to each year, is the day the Florida Gators take the field! Yesterday was the first official GATOR game day of the football season, and we were pumped! ESPN was on all day while we worked around the house. Adam savored every moment that lead up to the Gators running on the field. I have been a Gator since the age of 3 when my mom and dad got married! My dad went to the University of Florida and loved everything it stood for. I had no choice but to apply there my senior year of high school. I of course applied other places but UF was my school of choice. I remember the day people began to get their letters. Their sweet parents were calling their cell phones at school to give them the news and I got no call. Oh the torture, I got home and scavenged through the mail...NO LETTER. My heart was breaking...then I got a call to meet my family at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. It was there they pulled out the letter that was opened (at the time I was livid), and said congratulations. I was ecstatic and ready to become a Florida Gator. Game day is fabulous as a student, you stand, cheer, scream, and sing the entire game! Looking back I enjoyed every moment of my time at UF. Because of the people I meet, the things I learned, and the experience I had I truly believe I am a better person than when I first step on to campus that hot June day in 2003.

God graced me by pairing me with Adam who completes me when it comes to Gator game day. Adam's family has a long history of gator pride and I love it. Here we are heading out for the game yesterday.

We got there and ate FROG'S BBQ a game day tradition with chocolate chip cookie that my M-I-L made...yum yum! When done and everyone began to go in different directions, Adam and I headed out to see my family. It was so crazy we never got a family game day picture but I did run into a friend! It is crazy how friend know friends who know friends. (Did you follow that...haha) I walked up to the tailgate party and I see David and Danielle. It was great to see her because it had been a few weeks. We also got to congratulate them, because last week they found out they were going to have a sweet gator girl (Due December 2009)!

We headed into the stadium shortly after so that we would not miss anything! Some of the highlights and traditions I love...

The national anthem makes my heart sing! I think it is such and honor to be at a fun filled gator game while our military men and women are fighting and protecting our freedom. I sing the national anthem and I stand for a fly over. The fly over on this September evening was amazing. It was a humongous cargo plane and it made Adam and I think of Adam's brother Sam. Sam is in the Air Force...Thanks for all you do! We cheered and sang!


We left tired, hot, and extremely happy! We had our first gator victory under our belt this season. Now the only other thing we had to do was begin to prepare for next weeks game against Troy. We did so today by going out and getting Adam his new game day shirt and hat. We had not had time to find the perfect outfit this year until now! He contemplated wearing last years shirt since we went undefeated in it, but I was determined it had a funky smell (after wearing it every game in the Florida heat...eww..I know). Adam is taking a chance on a bright beautiful white gator shirt! Now I have always been a gator fan who found orange and blue attire without logos on it. Until this year, I have fallen in love with a shirt that has a logo. So all my friends know that if I can't find something I am not afraid to ask for help. I go up to this sweet college student and describe this shirt my heart was set on when she said, "Oh, that is sold out and has been discontinued." (INSERT: Possible tears) "All that is left is children's sizes." I walk off defeated, and Adam was wondering what shirt it was I was hunting for. So we headed to the children's section to show him when I saw it...YOUTH SIZES...not baby! I picked up the XL and held it up to me and I felt shear joy! It looks like it will fit, so I tried it on and I was sold! Can't wait to sport it next week! Now our new shirts are not the only thing that is orange around our house. Look what we brought in from out back at the A and L's pumpkin patch. Fall decorating is in full swing, now if it would just cool off to feel like fall.