Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family is an Amazing Thing

When you get married you have the fear of not being accepted by your new family. Thankful that has never been a fear of mine! I have fit right in and feel right at home every time we get together. I also gained two big brothers! Being the oldest in my family I never knew how great it can be to have older siblings that can watch over you. I also have a sister, Annie who is close to my age and has become one of my dearest friends. When Annie is by my side I believe I can do anything! She has supported me and helped me look at life in a different light (a better light). I would have to say the most amazing thing about becoming part of the Whitehurst family is the fact that I am an AUNT! When Adam proposed in October 2007 I became an instant Aunt to four amazing children.
Being an Aunt is amazingly special. To love, hold and help mold these little children's lives. Loving someone that much changes your heart! My heart has been forever changed because of my nieces and nephews! I cannot imagine the love I will have for Adam and I's future children one day! December 2008 I became an Aunt again! It was so special because I got be involved in the pregnancy, all the showers and be their the day Annabelle was born. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed. Look at her then and look at her now...
December 2008

September 2009

What can I say I love family! When we get together we laugh, share our live, and love...what more could you ask for. What is your favorite thing about family? Here is our latest get together...ROCK BAND!



  1. My favorite thing is hearing my boys talk, but I also love how comfortable we all feel xoxo

  2. awww... family is an amazing thing for sure! :)
    My favorite thing about family is having people you can always count on...
    Thanks for being a great aunt to my babies and loving them the way you do! I cant wait to do the same for yours ONE DAY! :)

  3. oh, and I love your new layout and header!!! super cute!!

  4. cute picture girl! love the new header. I get all my curtains from Tuesday Morning or Bed Bath and Beyond (and use all those 20% off coupons!) The rods I also get at Tuesday Morning...ya'll have one behind Gators Dockside. Best place just have to search, but you probably know that already. Ballard is my most favorite store, but sheesh it is too expensive, we have 20% purchase over $200, so I got some sort of credit. The game was so fun! We were actually under an awning so not as hot as we could have been. GO GATORS beat those Wildcats!