Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday


Relay for Life 2010

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to support our communities Relay for Life.  My school sponsored a team again this year and we had a great time supporting each other.  Our team captain, Laura is a cancer survivor and our students were much more involved in fund-raising this year!  The relay was much less eventful than last years but so much more meaningful.  I have had family members and friends who have lost their fight and others who have won their battle!  What a praise those wins are...Thank you Lord!  I walked in honor of my Uncle Jeff who lost his fight with Leukemia earlier this year.  Cancer can be so cruel and I am thankful for a day and an event that can bring people together to support each other.  I am thankful for the time and memories we have had with our loved ones who have lost their fight.  I am most thankful for my faith in the Lord that we will be reunited again with each of them in the glorious kingdom of heaven! 


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not me!!

Adam and I had some weekend!  You know the day when nothing goes right, well we had one of those but it went for a whole two days...luck us right! 

Unlucky Event # 1:  On the Rainbow River enjoying a beautiful day in the sun when the motor went OUT.  We had one paddle.  So, Adam jumped in and pulled/swam the boat back to the river house.  Poor hubby had leg cramps last night for being my knight in shining armor. 

Unlucky Event # 2: While eating dinner at the Ivy House, I splattered BBQ sauce all over y shirt.  Adam said the CSI Las Vegas crew would have had a hay day.  I looked like a murder scene.  As I walked out of the restaurant, I used my purse to hide myself.  I should have taken a picture!

The icing on the cake came this morning! 

Unlucky Event # 3:  We were heading out the door for church this morning.  I walked out first toward the truck and reached for the handle.  It was locked.  I turned to look for Adam to ask him to unlock the truck as the front door was shutting behind him.  A look of shock was on his face and I was worried, and he asked if I had my keys in my purse....I finally realized what he was getting at.  


So with the truck locked!

  And with the front door and all the other doors locked to the house!


 The Window...haha!

As I held the window up so Adam could crawl through it I prayed that no one would be driving down the road and see us... since the only window unlocked was a window on the front of the house.  We got in and actually got to church on time...woof...what a weekend.  I do hope our luck changes and we have a problem free up coming weekend, since we will be off celebrating our 2nd anniversary!  I hope you all had better luck than us this weekend! 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Calling or NOT

On our way back from Gainesville tonight we saw a couple wearing matching bike race apperal and riding their tandem bicycle.  Yes!  I said it, tandem bicycle races, have you ever heard of such a thing?  I love my husbands ability to make me laugh.  So when he looked my way I knew it was going to be good.  Adam said, "Hunny, I know what were getting for our aniversary.  Matching bike suits, a tandem bike and a spot in the TOUR de COUPLES."  Hah!! Can you imagine such a sight.  I leave you with a picture I googled so that you can truly picture it.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Introducing Bootsie for Wordless Wednesday

My "TAMPA" family's new dog...isn't she a cutie?


Friday, April 16, 2010

I am excited....

to see...

Beth Moore

Tonight I will experience my first Living Proof event with Beth Moore!  Thanks Annie for the invitation!  After finishing up our Esther bible Study on Tuesday night with our bellies full from our feast I begain counting down the days until today.  I am praying that my heart will be open and I can enjoy learning from someone who has walked with Christ  longer than I. 


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to the Taco Shack!

Friday, March 26th I did not walk into our classroom, I walked into THE TACO SHACK.  I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that my 18 first graders were learning about Mexico and restaurants.  Well on that Friday we opened and operated The Taco Shack.  Here is their restaurant through pictures...
We went to a local restaurant and they gave the students a tour of their restaurant.  They told the students about their jobs and what is means to be a responsible employee.  The students got to ask the employee's questions.  One questions I remember is "How do they handle the restaurant when it gets busy?"  Their answer was teamwork, by having to rely on each other.  I love that we live in a community that is so open to helping educate our children. When we got back to class that day they received job applications where they choose three possible jobs they would like to have in our restaurant.  They had to choose from these (host/hostess, drink waiter, waiter, cook, cashier, busser).  After they submitted them I held interviews and discussed with them their strengths for certain jobs.  They were so excited when I revealed the jobs positions...they sat and clapped for each other...haha! The weekend before our grand opening the other teachers who were also participating in the project took a trip to the closest SAM'S CLUB to get all the grub for the restaurant.  Here is one of the shopping carts!  Lots of stuff, right?  It took three trunks to get it all home.  The students enjoyed seeing all the food we had to purchase.   

The last week we worked on decorations and how we were going to set up the room.  They made big Mexican flags, colored little flags to make banners, moved furniture, told me where to hang the decorations.  I think they really loved bossing me around...ha!  Once the room was set up we got to work practicing our jobs.  The students waited on me, each other, and high school peer counselors. They were ready when our first customer walked through the door.  I cannot give them enough credit because I was so proud of the ownership they had for THEIR RESTAURANT.  I literally hugged them twenty times before they went home that day!! 
Making decorations

The beautiful bus girls at their station
Our first customer...the hosts doing a great job!

The kitchen running smoothly...we had the best cooks!
A student taking customers drink orders

The Drink Station and Chip and Salsa Workers

One of the Waiters stations (Drink Waiter and Food waiter worked as teams)

Our concept web of what we need to run a restaurant

Our room all set up ready for our grand opening

KWL Chart about Mexico

These pictures were in random order but you got to see a glimpse of the process we went through to prepare.  At the end of the day we raised over 200 dollars that will be used for this project again next year.  The following Monday we sat together on the carpet and the children got a chance to share what they loved about the restaurant and wouldn't change for the incoming first graders next year.  Some reoccurring themes were their love for their jobs, being able to showcase the restaurant to their families, and working together as a team.  Thanks to the other Mrs. Whitehurst for inviting our class to take on the project.  It was a success and our local news station thought so too...check out the link below :)