Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not me!!

Adam and I had some weekend!  You know the day when nothing goes right, well we had one of those but it went for a whole two days...luck us right! 

Unlucky Event # 1:  On the Rainbow River enjoying a beautiful day in the sun when the motor went OUT.  We had one paddle.  So, Adam jumped in and pulled/swam the boat back to the river house.  Poor hubby had leg cramps last night for being my knight in shining armor. 

Unlucky Event # 2: While eating dinner at the Ivy House, I splattered BBQ sauce all over y shirt.  Adam said the CSI Las Vegas crew would have had a hay day.  I looked like a murder scene.  As I walked out of the restaurant, I used my purse to hide myself.  I should have taken a picture!

The icing on the cake came this morning! 

Unlucky Event # 3:  We were heading out the door for church this morning.  I walked out first toward the truck and reached for the handle.  It was locked.  I turned to look for Adam to ask him to unlock the truck as the front door was shutting behind him.  A look of shock was on his face and I was worried, and he asked if I had my keys in my purse....I finally realized what he was getting at.  


So with the truck locked!

  And with the front door and all the other doors locked to the house!


 The Window...haha!

As I held the window up so Adam could crawl through it I prayed that no one would be driving down the road and see us... since the only window unlocked was a window on the front of the house.  We got in and actually got to church on time...woof...what a weekend.  I do hope our luck changes and we have a problem free up coming weekend, since we will be off celebrating our 2nd anniversary!  I hope you all had better luck than us this weekend! 



  1. Oh geez, it always happens in threes you know! I am a crazy person when it comes to locking up, so knowing us we wouldn't even have a window to crawl through!!

  2. We'd have been in bad shape! We keep all our windows locked--and rest assured my hind-end would NOT have fit through one anyhow! LOL
    Hope you have a great time celebrating!

  3. Oh my gosh, is it something in the air?! We have been having a rough time too. Allie Claire dumped lemonade all over my $600 camera yesterday afternoon AND (as if that was not bad enough) I painted two coats of paint on a buffet I bought before realizing that the paint was peeling off. Duh, Carrie. Oil based paint NOT latex. Rest assured, you are not alone. I hope y'all have a great anniversary weekend!