Sunday, September 6, 2009

Give Me a G, Give Me an A...

The day my man looks forward to each year, is the day the Florida Gators take the field! Yesterday was the first official GATOR game day of the football season, and we were pumped! ESPN was on all day while we worked around the house. Adam savored every moment that lead up to the Gators running on the field. I have been a Gator since the age of 3 when my mom and dad got married! My dad went to the University of Florida and loved everything it stood for. I had no choice but to apply there my senior year of high school. I of course applied other places but UF was my school of choice. I remember the day people began to get their letters. Their sweet parents were calling their cell phones at school to give them the news and I got no call. Oh the torture, I got home and scavenged through the mail...NO LETTER. My heart was breaking...then I got a call to meet my family at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. It was there they pulled out the letter that was opened (at the time I was livid), and said congratulations. I was ecstatic and ready to become a Florida Gator. Game day is fabulous as a student, you stand, cheer, scream, and sing the entire game! Looking back I enjoyed every moment of my time at UF. Because of the people I meet, the things I learned, and the experience I had I truly believe I am a better person than when I first step on to campus that hot June day in 2003.

God graced me by pairing me with Adam who completes me when it comes to Gator game day. Adam's family has a long history of gator pride and I love it. Here we are heading out for the game yesterday.

We got there and ate FROG'S BBQ a game day tradition with chocolate chip cookie that my M-I-L made...yum yum! When done and everyone began to go in different directions, Adam and I headed out to see my family. It was so crazy we never got a family game day picture but I did run into a friend! It is crazy how friend know friends who know friends. (Did you follow that...haha) I walked up to the tailgate party and I see David and Danielle. It was great to see her because it had been a few weeks. We also got to congratulate them, because last week they found out they were going to have a sweet gator girl (Due December 2009)!

We headed into the stadium shortly after so that we would not miss anything! Some of the highlights and traditions I love...

The national anthem makes my heart sing! I think it is such and honor to be at a fun filled gator game while our military men and women are fighting and protecting our freedom. I sing the national anthem and I stand for a fly over. The fly over on this September evening was amazing. It was a humongous cargo plane and it made Adam and I think of Adam's brother Sam. Sam is in the Air Force...Thanks for all you do! We cheered and sang!


We left tired, hot, and extremely happy! We had our first gator victory under our belt this season. Now the only other thing we had to do was begin to prepare for next weeks game against Troy. We did so today by going out and getting Adam his new game day shirt and hat. We had not had time to find the perfect outfit this year until now! He contemplated wearing last years shirt since we went undefeated in it, but I was determined it had a funky smell (after wearing it every game in the Florida heat...eww..I know). Adam is taking a chance on a bright beautiful white gator shirt! Now I have always been a gator fan who found orange and blue attire without logos on it. Until this year, I have fallen in love with a shirt that has a logo. So all my friends know that if I can't find something I am not afraid to ask for help. I go up to this sweet college student and describe this shirt my heart was set on when she said, "Oh, that is sold out and has been discontinued." (INSERT: Possible tears) "All that is left is children's sizes." I walk off defeated, and Adam was wondering what shirt it was I was hunting for. So we headed to the children's section to show him when I saw it...YOUTH SIZES...not baby! I picked up the XL and held it up to me and I felt shear joy! It looks like it will fit, so I tried it on and I was sold! Can't wait to sport it next week! Now our new shirts are not the only thing that is orange around our house. Look what we brought in from out back at the A and L's pumpkin patch. Fall decorating is in full swing, now if it would just cool off to feel like fall.



  1. we had a blast yesterday too! Cecil got his new shirt on Thursday afternoon..what is it about our men and these new shirts? good grief. tradition though!!!
    Love the pumpkins...and I was thinking it was time for me to decorate for fall tomorrow!!!

  2. FUN!! I love the shirt :) and the pumpkins! How fun is that? We are going to Tennessee, hopefully we will see you all there. GO GATORS!!

  3. So fun to see you tailgating! The game was awesome, wasn't it? Great 1st game of the season. Have a wonderful Labor Day!! :)

  4. Yay! for gameday, Frog's, cookies, the gators, fly-overs, traditions, new shirts, and pumpkins!!! :)