Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Joy and Love! Growing up valentines day was always about my dad and mom since it was their anniversary. They eloped to Lake Tahoe with my dad's best friend, Uncle Jimmy and got hitched in Loves Chapel. Got to talked to my mom for over a half hour today and wished them love and blessings as they begin working towards there 25th year of marriage. My parents at times drive me and each other crazy but at the end of the day they do love each other and they are still working to keep the love fresh and alive. Valentine's Day brings that excitement and love back to so many relationships. I woke up to my hunny bringing me coffee in bed. I was super surprised when a dozen roses were delivered to my classroom. I had a teachable moment when I had to explain what "I'm gonna kick Mr. Adam!" meant in figurative language. He asked why I was surprised because I was sure we discussed no flowers but he said that never came out of his mouth. My dear friend Christina had two delicious cake pops delivered with love to my classroom too! A chocolate and a carmel cake pop...oh they were scrumptious ! At home I tried out my first flour-less peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that are not too bad. Then we recreated the first fancy meal Adam ever cooked for me...coconut shrimp and filet but this time he added bacon wrapped to the steak and I cooked green beans instead of baked potato. It was delicious and it was fun to eat off our fine china which doesn't happen often enough. After dinner we exchanged our gifts and I was super excited to receive a new exercise outfit. He was so thoughtful in his choices. A yellow top because it was my favorite color and the socks had extra cushion for my sore feet. He got a new black belt for his black shark boots he got for Christmas from my parents and a fun date night coupon book. We have the shooting range to hit up, a brewery, a dream car rental drive, kayaking our favorite the river, and a few others. We ended our night with bring valentines to our sweet nieces. There is so much love to go around with those two and we are blessed to be there Uncle and Aunt. Valentines day is a day to vamp up and recharge the love you already have for each other and I am grateful for a wonderful Lord, family, friends, and a husband who always make me feel well loved. What a blessing it is to feel well loved!

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  1. Seemed like such a good Valentines! So sweet he sent flowers to your classroom! :)