Monday, November 23, 2009


Today I am thankful for memories. Can you imagine if we did not have memories? I wish we could forget the bad ones but when you sit and think about your past the good and great memories usually surpass the bad ones. The good and great memories help us get past the bad. I cherish the past memories that have brought me to this day. Some of my favorite moments are when family and friends get together and talk about our stories that make us laugh and cry. They are what keep our souls fresh, alive and thriving!

It was fun to look back and find snap shots of some favorite memories!



  1. love the post! cute pics....might have to steal that idea for the new year.....

  2. Lauren, this was a really sweet post, but I just have one question, is Adam wearing Billy Ray hair in that one picture?! If so, please explain the occasion! (:

    Have a great Thanksgiving!