Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it time already?

Is it time for new Crayola crayons to be put out and names to be written on name tags? 

Pre-planning starts on Monday and I cannot believe summer is over!  Where did the time go…oh yeah 4 days of SUMS (Students Understanding Math and Science), 3 days of Deep FRI, 4 days of FRI, and 1 data day scattered throughout your summer puts a damper on your relaxation.   I did get to enjoy fun in the sun at the beach and the river with my favorite people, however I wish there was more time so I could visit my Tampa people I miss so much.  

I have worked a day here and there in my room trying to prepare for the new year.  There are things I changed and things I kept the same.  Here are pictures and remember I still have a whole week left to finish it up and make more changes :)



Our school theme is “Get Wild About Learning” again and each hallway chose a habitat last year.  Our hallway was the tropical islands last year, and even though I am the only one still around from that vote  I decided to keep it the same in front of our room.   I have a new set of starfish of course, that I cannot wait to meet next Friday at Meet the Teacher! 

Now as you step into the room you enter a different world.  A world of sports, primary colors and all things TEAM!!  I spent so much money and time my first year I couldn't fathom changing my class theme again so I am still TEAMing it, which I love.  


Come on in for a look!


Put your book bag up in the Locker Room first!


Find your seat!


Check out the library (not a good picture because I am hiding a pile of vines on the floor…ha)


Come sit and enjoy a story in our new reading corner on the “big summer purchase” a cute classroom rug.  We are ready to add things to our reading wall and pick out good fit books for our green book bags so we can begin learning how to read to self with stamina!


Class computers with hopefully 2 more for our center rotations.  Above the computers will be our writing area.  The trash can is for “outlaw words” such as, like and love when we learn how to write with varied sentence structure. 



A new place to display student work over the other computer table.  I used the cabinets to display work last year but I want to put their self portraits there this year.  So the cabinets will be bare until the students arrive.  I did add picture labels to drawers  so the students can find different class supplies they need.  


Here is my small group table, filing cabinet, and my picture board.  Yes, that is a table covered in junk!  I have one place that is my catch all until I find places for it.  It looks like I have some work to do next week …eek!

Something new and really exciting for our class is in this box! Do you know what could be in it?




Which will hopefully go right under the overhead screen.  Once the SMART board is in place I will put my magnetic word wall back up to the left.  I just hope maintenance gets it up next week because I have big plans for it. 


My big plans are to do my math calendar time on the SMART board which would mean I could take down most of this wall for other Anchor charts we make through out the year.  So this area is a big work in progress, hanging on the chance the SMART board gets mounted next week!  Cross your fingers for me :)

Thanks for touring with me!  I can’t wait to meet my 18 first grade little darlings next Friday! 



  1. Lauren, your classroom looks great!! I can't believe it's your 3rd year of teaching already. I am sure you are feeling the same way. I sure do miss teaching 1st grade with you! Of course, I am LOVING being home with Cori, but I would be lying if I didn't say I missed the classroom at times. I hope it's a great year for you! :)

  2. WOW!! Your room looks great Lauren! I am so excited for you about your SMART board!!! It is a little strange not buying school supplies and not rushing to finish my room! But I am glad that I can still live vicariously through my teacher friends!

  3. and I have to say that I AM SO EXCITED about seeing your room in person. and even MORE EXCITED that you'll have my little "darling" in your class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although, we're working on saying Mrs. Whitehurst instead of Mrs. Lauren. ha!

  4. There are so many things about your classroom that I really like that I don't know where to I'll just say I REALLY LIKE IT!!! I always enjoyed setting up for a new year. Hopefully this will be the BEST one you've ever had!

  5. WOW! You are so talented at making so many spaces. And, your classroom is HUGE! Mine is half that :). I did a lot of work this year and need to show it off, but phew, you have got it going on! LOVE it. You are going to be GREAT!

  6. I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! Great job. Glad I found your blog!