Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Memories

Summer is for catching your breath and catch up with the women we hold close to our hearts.  I have had a great time this summer  meeting up for lunch/breakfast with the women who have played a huge role in making me the woman I am today.


While in Tampa early this summer I slipped away for coffee and breakfast with my best friend Bonnie from high school.  I went to UF and she went to the “other” Florida school, but it didn’t change our relationship one bit.  I can call Bonnie at anytime and pick up right where we left off even if several months have past.  We have laughed, loved, cried, cheered, sang, and experienced life together and I am truly honored to have her in my life.


I hit up McAllister's with this cheerful crew!  I met Stephanie in the UF Proteach program and am grateful, since she introduced me to my hub.  When we graduated with each other August 2008 we looked forward to teaching first grade together in Williston.  She is now  staying home with her handsome fellow Willie, and I will miss her at school.  It had been forever since just her and I got together away from school stuff.  Even though she is in the mommy phase of life, I still want our friendship to grow and for us to cherish our time together. 


Interns reunited at the delicious Blue Highway Pizza.  Susan and I talked for hours while enjoying Blue Highway’s amazing pizza.  We were paired together our senior year of college for a dyad internship at a school that was 30 minutes away.  When women have that much time on their hands they talk and build a friendship.   We talked school, houses, love, friends, happiness, and weddings!  She is planning a spring wedding to her dream guys and I am ecstatic for her.  We lost touch once and decided it would not happen again so we have plans together again in September after the mad rush of the school year beginning is over. 


Most of my summer adventures have included these two!  My PEOPLE!  Annie and Annabelle are my partners in crime.  I am sad to be heading back to work because it means I won’t see “as much” of them.  No more GLEE marathons, summer bible study, lazy beach days, rabbit hops, floating in Blue Run, tea parties, and sweet sugar from Annabelle at the drop of a hat.  It does however mean Gator football is beginning and we have our annual football trip to look forward to, days off from school shopping trips and fall bible study at church.  Annie may be my sister- in-law but to me she is a SISTER and for that I am grateful!

I am blessed to have so many amazing women in my life.  It can be hard to keep up with friends when you let life get in the way, but then again these women are the reason your life is rich and full.   


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  1. I really enjoyed our lunch. I look forward to many more in the future! Don't hesitate to call if you need help in your classroom! =)