Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Run, Blue Gator, and a Birthday

I called Annie on Friday to tell her all about Meet the Teacher when she announced that Blue Run was available for the weekend.  What a great surprise that was!  So Saturday morning we woke up excited for a day on the Run when we heard raindrops.  We were bummed but,  we did not give up.  Before lunch time we headed down there to at least eat at the Blue Gator if it would stop raining.  When we arrived it looked promising, and the sun was trying to poke its way out from behind the clouds.  It ended up being an amazing afternoon filled with a spicy ranch hamburger from Blue Gator and a ride up to the head of the river for a crystal clear water swim.   Late afternoon we headed home to celebrate William’s  (Adam’s cousin) birthday.  He is a die hard gator fan like the hub so earlier this summer when we spotted gator shoes at Wal-Mart we thought of him.  The only Wal-Mart we saw them at was the store in Dunnellon so it was meant to be.  When Annie and I went to Sonic for our happy hour lime-aids run we picked up a pair of those shoes for the birthday boy.   Check out his excitement !



Devin, William, and Adam

It was a great night celebrating William!  While there we got to enjoy all the babies.  Not having our own we have the best time playing and watching the little ones.  AB, Willie, Michael and Madelyn had so much fun playing together.


Before we left Adam was playing with Willie and I was loving on Madelyn, when Steph mentioned what a great “family photo” it was.  Haha!  How does having two babies suit us?



Sunday morning I went up to school for about an hour to make sure everything was ready for my new first graders on Monday.  I really didn’t need to go but, I was stressing.  To see that I am ready put me at ease.  After that we headed back to Blue Run for more fun in the sun.  Unfortunately God had another plan for us yesterday morning .  On our way down we spotted a horrible crash on the side of the road which ended up being another one of Adam’s cousin.  We stopped to check on them and I am so glad we did.  Us being there to reassure them that everything would be ok helped them calm down and get the medical care they needed.  Adam’s cousin and his wife ended up being ok, but it was a scare for them.  We were thankful that there little ones were not with them.  After seeing the truck I just have to believe and praise God for his protection of them that Sunday morning.  He is so good!  We have to remember how precious our lives are and to praise Him for all we have been given! 

Once we got to Blue Run we had a blast with Devin, Annie, and AB!  We swam, floated, dived, ate, and laughed!!  It was a great day being together!


DSC_0066  DSC_0063  DSC_0044DSC_0070



  1. I was so sad that we missed William's birthday party! It would have been so much fun and great to have one more little one crawling around! :)

    Thinking of you today as you head off to school. It's going to be a great first day!! :)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! I hope your day is going good so far. Tell my darling to behave!!!

  3. We had so much fun getting together with everyone Sat. night. It's sad that we only get together for birthday's and Gator games. Hope your first day was great.

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! Those Gator shoes are too much, I can so see William sporting them around ;) Just the mention of a spicy ranch burger is making my mouth water and it's ONLY 8:30! Ha.

    Good luck at school this week! I can't wait to hear (read) how your first week back went.