Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Moabitess


               Today is the last day of summer bible study and I am so sad.  This was my third study and probably one of my favorites.  No doubt I loved Esther this spring, but I have gotten so much out of this study.  I have really had to peel away my onion layers like Shrek and donkey…ha!  I have connected with Ruth in so many different ways.  Ruth was a Moabite.  Moabites were not people God wanted His people to mingle with, because of what they had denied for Israel.  Even so she married an Israelite and when he died she willingly followed her mother-in-law to Bethlehem to learn more about God.  

        Ruth was a foreigner that was willing to take a chance to learn more about God. 

This sentence resonates how I have felt and still continue to feel in my walk with Christ.  There was a point in my life that I felt like a foreigner to Christ and did things that I regret.  Even now when I am trying to live my life in Christ I sometimes feel life a foreigner.  I have had to ask myself “Where does God fit in my life?”  I want him to be everywhere but that takes time to allow him in and not do what I want to do. 

Ruth was also willing and this point is the one that is biggest for me.  There are so many things I am able to do but, I am so unwilling to do them.  At times I have felt as though God was pulling on my heart strings, but I disregarded it because it was out of my comfort zone.  Ruth left her home and family to travel to a town where people may not have welcomed her with a mother-in-law that was a sour puss.  Talk about leaving the comfort zone!  I want to be willing, and each night over the past week I have been praying for the ability to be willing.  I want God to work in my life and me not be afraid to say yes to Him and what He has planned.  

Ruth’s main reason for coming with her mother-in-law was to learn out God.  What a strong and courageous person she was to drop everything to learn more about Christ.  I have come along way in my knowledge of Christ and what he has done and want to always continue to learn.  Ruth’s story of redemption is amazing and it happened because she made a few choices.  Those choices were made for God!  Ruth’s godly choices brought us our Savior Jesus Christ!  Thank you Ruth for your story and what it means to me.  I hope my choices leave a legacy as great as yours!



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  1. I'm so sad the study is over, too! It was such a great one! I loved it all... So proud of you and so happy to be growing together! :) Cant wait for a Fall study!