Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here Pig, Pig, Pig

Last Saturday we (Adam, me, DW, Annie, and AB) loaded up the Suburban and head up to Georgia.  Adam’s mom and her family live in Georgia.  Adam’s cousin Addy bought a house about a year ago  and has taken this year to renovated and furnished it.  Addy was having a house warming party and we had been invited to come up for the festivities.   The house had been transformed and is ready to be lived in.  All the hard work had paid off.  I left the camera in the car because it was storming bad when we arrived so I have no pictures.  It was fun to meet family I had never met before and spend time getting to know them.

Before the party we were at Adam’s mom house hanging out when Adam told me to take a look outside.  This is what I saw……..DSC_0205

Do you see how enormous this pig is?  Adam says it is a boar hog but I don’t like how that sounds..ha! His ears are above the fence line!  I told Adam I had to have my picture made with the pig before we left for home.  The next morning after breakfast with family and new friends Adam’s Uncle Summy set out to make it happen.  He got him a tub of scraps and called up that big old pig!

SD Pictures1

Once he was eating his feast we all took advantage of him staying still to get out pictures taken!  I loved every second of it, but then again I am from the city and haven’t see things like this growing up. 


DSC_0245   This is my favorite pig picture because AB and the pig are looking at each other in the curious “what are you” kinda way(there is a fence between her and the pig for those that were concerned).  After our photo op we packed the Suburban back up and said goodbye to our new friends and even stopped to smell the flowers!!





  1. I love how AB didn't take her eyes off that pig while you took a picture! :)

  2. I'm with Adam, that is the biggest HOG I have ever seen. Pig nothing, girl, that thing is massive. The picture of Annabelle and the hot looking at each other is a hoot. It seriously looks as big as a cow!