Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy Bee

These next couple of weeks will be filled with me being a busy bee. I am looking forward to a time when I can have a laid back weekend, but when that will be who knows? God knows and he will reveal it to me in His timing! This Saturday started with the alarm going off at 6:30. I can't remember the last time I had to set the alarm, but it was well worth it. My mother in law (Kellee), Annie, and I held a huge yard sale. We were all amazed at how much trash/junk we had. But those who have held yard sales know that someone’s trash is someone else's treasure. I made over 200 dollars, and I reclaimed 3 clothes hampers to be again used for clothes...ha! When I got home Adam was please that I didn't bring one item back, because he had told me that morning when he helped me set up that it wasn't an option to bring anything home. It just so happens that our church is in the process of opening a thrift store, so I dropped off our viable goodies on the porch. God was watching out for me yesterday as He always does! I then headed off to my first student birthday party. It was fun to hang out with some of my sweet girls at our community’s playground. We ate pizza in the "choo-choo" and I pushed them on the swings. I tried my hardest to not be the usual Mrs. Whitehurst and tell them to slide down the slide on their bottom, but it just might have slipped out. :) We watched her blow out a big 7 candle and then we ate delicious ladybug cupcakes. I can't believe I only have these girls for 58 more days. It hurts my heart and makes me nervous all at the same time. I want to teach them so much more while savoring ever moment I have left with them!

At school we are gearing up to open a Mexican Restaurant! Yes, you heard me right, we have been learning about Mexico, jobs, and restaurants. We are walking to a local restaurant on Monday to see how a restaurant works, and what types of jobs they have. Then the student will get to fill out a "job application" for our restaurant and I will hold "interviews" on Thursday. They are so excited I just hope I can continue to handle their enthusiasm. We open and serve our guests March 26th, two days before Spring Break! Those close by are welcome to make reservations and you have two options tacos or borritos with a side of beans and a drink for $5.00.  Any free time in our school day is filled with the restuarant prep!  This coming Friday I will be heading down to Tampa to spend Friday and Saturday with my mom. We are going to see him...

We are oh so thrilled! Michael Buble's concert was my mom's Christmas present from Adam and I, and she has been getting super excited! Mom and me saw him years ago when he was new to the scene in a small venue, so I am looking forward to seeing him perfrom in the Ice Palace! While I am down there I am going to order my dream breakfast nook from Ballard Design. On Wednesday my Mom called to tell me she just received a coupon in the mail for 15 % of your entire purchase. It paid off to be patient this time! Then Sunday I will be waking up to an alarm yet again to rush back to Williston, to host a shower for Adam's best friend Jimbo and fiancée Torie. They are getting hitched on April 9th and we can't be more thrilled! Here is the invite...

This will keep you caught up with me until then, so please forgive if I am distant! 



  1. sounds like an exciting time!! I love that you are having a mexican restaurant :) so fun!!

  2. You sound like you are just about as crazy as I am these days! Glad to hear y'all had a good yard sale. I was itching to be there. I need to unload some junk too!

  3. I am so excited that you are ordering your table & chairs!! I cant wait for it to get here!!!!!