Monday, March 22, 2010

All Around The Western House

All around Jimbo and Torie's western house!  Jimbo is Adam oldest and dearest friend, who is getting hitched April 9.  We are thrilled because we are smitten with Torie!  Adam lived with Jimbo the whole time we were dating, and we remember finding a pair of ladies sunglass at the house.  We heckled Jimbo about it and he just grinned, so we knew "this" girl might just be something special. In less than a month "that" girl, Torie will be his wife and Adam will be at Jimbo's side cheering him on the whole way!  We wanted to honor them throwing them a couples shower.  Mark and Christina, other close friends teamed up with us to host.  Christina and I had a great time planning the party and shopping.  We held the party at Adam's families lodge.  The Whitehurst Lodge helped complete the western feel we were going for.   We feasted on beef tenderloin, baked potatoes with all the fixings, green beans, and yeast rolls.  For dessert, we had strawberry cake, German chocolate gooey bars, and chocolate covered strawberries.  After dinner, we played Chinese horseshoes, corn hole, and regular horseshoes.  It was a windy day but it turned out to be a great time filled with fun and much laughter.  The couple received many wonderful gifts to fill their western themed home!

                                           The tables and the food

Playing Games

Me, Christina, and Torie


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  1. Looked like such a good time! :) I hope you have a great week!