Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Lobster Weirdness

Today Adam and I were talking about restaurants we wish were around here, and his was THE SHRIMP SHACK in Beaufort, SC.  So, in honor of his seafood craving we headed to Red Lobster.  I had never been to Red Lobster prior to meeting Adam, but I was missing out because their cheddar bay biscuits are delightful!  I could go and just eat those: ) Little did we know when we chose Red Lobster it would be such an interesting night.  When we were seated, we got a window booth and most times that would be exciting if you had a view of the water at the beach.  However, we were in the middle of Gainesville and our view was of the parking lot and I-75.  From my seat, I could see a homeless person in the woods between Red Lobster and I-75 and Adam could see the parking lot.  I noticed Adam kept peeking out the window and me being curious I inquired.  He said there is this man going up to all the cars and trapping these people before they can drive away.  So, when our waiter came by we let him know there was a man stalking their customers.  He ended up being a con man.  That was just the first weird thing that happened in the short time we were there.   Next, a couple walks in with their child and the woman is wearing science safety goggles.  She never took them off!  I was and still am so confused as to the purpose.  So at this point in the evening I was crane necking to look out the window to see if I could spot something worthy of discussing when a girl stumbles out of a car and is being guided into the restaurant by her friends.  It was her birthday and she was in prime shape, too bad we were signing the bill when they finally made to the table right next to ours.  We headed out and practically jogged to the car so if the con man was out there still we wouldn't get caught by him.   Have you ever been out to eat and seen such bizarre things (people)?


  1. HA...that is hysterical. Love me some people watching!

  2. CRAZY!!!! and yes, I've been out and had weird stuff happen... some of the weirdest have been at RED LOBSTER in GAINESVILLE... must be something about that place!!! Ha... but you're right, the biscuits are worth braving the weirdness! :)