Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Worrier at Heart

I am a third generation worrier, and if I had the chance to know my great grandmother I might could have said fourth generation.  I worry about everything, but I have to say I did learn from the best!  Every time as I leave Tampa to head back up to Williston I can always count on these words, "call me when you get home."  The most sweetest recent moment was when Adam and I were heading back to Williston my brother Matthew (14) told me to call him so that he knew we were safe.  What can I say it has been imbedded in us all.  My grandmother use to worry so much it became annoying back when I was a teenager who thought we were all invincible.  But what can I say I am now just as bad!  From money to safety I am your girl.  Adam calls me old Joanne ever now and then which is my mom's name...I use to say sorry it is who I am until this week of bible study.  I learned that Satan's most powerful trap/tactics is mental/psychological torment.  He would rather you be filled with torment and worry than feel the joy of God's stabled loving hand! As I read this I had to catch my breath, at the realization that the devil had a strong grasp on me.  Had being the operative word!!!  I have been praying today and will continue to pray that my family and me can learn to give our worrying to God.

Worrier # 1 Grandma D and Worrier #5 Matthew