Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Soon to be Breakfast Nook

Our front foyer is bare and has been for far too long.  I have big dreams of a reading corner/wine consol but for the other corner my dreams have almost come true.  Soon it will be a breakfast nook and I cannot wait.  Last year I found Ballard Design online and I have fell in love.  I find myself cornering each page for something I have fell in love with.  To my amusement they have a store in Tampa and when I was home last went to see my finds in person.  Here are the things that will soon grace our (my) dream breakfast nook!

I want to do two of each chair.  I thinking going with a fabric chair it will really soften the room, because there is so much space to be filled.  The thing I love about the chairs is they are slip covers instead of upholstered, so they can be drycleaned when dirty and changed out if our (my) taste ever does.  The green sage check matches the paint in the kitchen perfectly and I thin it will pull the two rooms together beautifully.  This is definitely not as an extensive renovation as the office but I do want to re paint the area prior to getting the furniture.  Adam is already cringing but I do think I could do the painting myself.  I might need to stop saying I can do this and this over spring break, because I do believe I will be painting...haha!  Once all is done I will for sure post.  Here are a few other things I love that will help complete the welcoming feel.  Maybe not from this store but thery did help add to my vision.  What do you think?



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