Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a School Week

I am sure you all have those weeks that go buy slow, but seems to fly by. I started the week off with little sleep so I gravitated to the coffee pot each morning thanking the Lord for such an amazing creation. My students on the other hand seem as though they ate a butt load of candy before they showed up each morning. We had lots to celebrate this week and maybe that is why they were a little wound up! On Tuesday we celebrated Ground Hog Day, which they loved. We read stories about Ground Hogs that were scared to see their shadow and why it is an important day for farmers. We made prediction about whether Phil would see his shadow, and they were so excited when we found out he did see his shadow! I had one student raise their hands and say, "Mrs. Whitehurst we will be putting many tally marks next to our snowflake on our weather graph because of Phil the Ground Hog." On Wednesday we reached our 100th day of school, but Mrs. Whitehurst couldn't fathom celebrating such a monument us event in the middle of the week. So we did our calendar BIG! We reached 100 cents, so we got the big "fake" one dollar's out! You would have thought we were MILLIONARES...ha....don't we all wish! We finally have something in our hundreds place value chart and we are thrilled. So on Friday morning was the day of 100. The students filled in 100's charts, wrote 100 words we have learned, we made 100th day crowns, and put together trail mix with 100 things. It made me shake my head because I can't believe we only have 77 DAYS left of school. These little guys have learned so much during these 100 day and they have each made a difference in my life thus far! This week at school we are gearing up for Valentine's Day while at home I am gear up for a lot of celebration this week for Adam and many other new adventures!


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