Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Thankful time


This time of year is just so crazy busy and I feel like I am behind 98% of the time.  I have been up since 5:50 and don’t want to work on school or play practice or watch TV.  I just wanted to sit and hear the crickets chirp and think and pray about all the things that have been troubling my heart and praise God for all things I am thankful for each and everyday.  Then I remember I never posted about Thanksgiving….better late than never right!

Last year Adam was in West Virginia hunting so I was down in Tampa with my family, but this year we head back to his Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty Ann’s river house at Weekiva.  I it is just so beautiful there and we couldn’t have had better weather. 


The tables were set and we had enough food for days!  I was thrilled because I love me some side dishes!

DSC_1557DSC_1556  DSC_1559  Yum!  I can’t see the turkey but I know I did eat some :) 


After eating up I hung out with my nephew Warren who was excited to swing on the tire swing!  I tried to catch a few cute shots of his joy!  So cute!


I was so grateful to have Adam and his wonderful family!


After lunch we headed home to check on the pup and then headed to Palatka, where my family was celebrating Thanksgiving at the hunting camp.  My brother Michael was home from college and it was so good seeing him.  My Grandma was down from Michigan but was sick with a stomach bug and so we didn’t really get to visit with her much.


Matt is officially taller than me!

  DSC_1608 DSC_1610

I love this next picture because this sums up our family get together.  Fighting…we are a family who doesn’t talk we argue and bicker.  So having my brothers wrestle (for fun of course) makes me laugh and smile!  Matt is struggling here…ha-ha!



Hope you are having a great weekend!  Can you believe Christmas is 14 days away? 




  1. I love the pictures but the plate of "sides" makes me a little hungry. I am glad to know that there is someone else who goes for the sides first. I forgot to tell you the other night that I loved your scarecrow costume. It turned out super cute. Have you invested in a BigShot yet?