Monday, November 15, 2010

A Florida/Georgia Tradition

Every year since I became a gator in 2003 I have made the trek to Jacksonville for the Florida/Georgia game.  There are so many memories that have been made surrounding that game…mansions on the St. John River, crazy hotel nights, the Landing, Gator wins, and great friends through the years!   This year was no different.  The tailgating for this game is a people watchers dream.  I continued to snap pictures throughout the day of the crazy things we saw and experienced.  

We headed out at 8:30 and got to our stomping ground, Parking Lot J after 10 to set up shop.  This years tailgate spot was the best one yet.  See how no one could park to the left of our tailgate, so we were free of feeling squished.  We tailgated this year with our friends Mark and Heather!  They are a great couple the only thing wrong with them is that Mark is a Georgia Bulldog fan.  That made for some interesting banter throughout the day.  pics 4 141

So here are the things we saw this year:

1.  We watch a wife smash into the back of her husbands car.  He got out and kicked his hard, kicked, her car, and then proceeded to yell some profanities that ended with what were you looking at?  It was a sight to see and we can thank our sweet tailgating spot for the view. pics 4 142

2. We had Robin Hood in our midst if any damsel was in distress.  It would be an interesting rescue because the outfit was a bit short.    

pics 4 145

3. The Pride of the Sunshine drum line played for us.  Heather and I had to get a picture with them. 

pics 4 152 

pics 4 154

4. Fred Flintstone  and Bam-Bam were ‘gatored’ out for the game!

pics 4 151

5.  I got to see my cousin Jeffrey!  He used a Facebook picture I upload of our tailgate to find our tailgating spot. It was so good to see him and hear about what he has been up to!

pics 4 155

6.  The City of Jacksonville has this golf card sized  ambulance that was so cute!  Glad no one we knew had to see the inside of it though.


7. We ran into Zach Galifianakis on a yacht in the marina!  He had “Carlos” with him! 

IMAG0289  Heather and I want to do the Florida/ Georgia game in style next year.  We have a goal to rent a gorgeous yacht and party in the marina with the high class crowd!


8. We had the #1 gator cheerleader in our section!  He had his pom-poms going the whole game.  He was up jumping and dancing…I swear there is always one crazy by us every year!   IMAG0292

9.  The GATORS won!!!!!!!  (Sorry the picture is blurry)  34-31 baby!  We were thrilled to finally be cheering for the gators again! 


It was a great time!   Any good tailgating stories? 



  1. I love it Lauren! What an adventure. Like you, I love a good crazy spotting!!!

  2. haha i love that whole run down with the wife and the car...hysterical! ohhh florida/georgis--it is always an adventure!!