Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sweetest Pumpkin!

A few weeks ago Uncle Adam and Aunt Nen had the honor of partying with the world’s sweetest pumpkin!  Annabelle and her BBF Allie Claire hosted their first annual Pumpkin Party!  We had the best time enjoying the children in all their excitement. 

2010-10-27 pics 32

This little one has no clue how much we love her! 

pics 3 113

 pics 3 110

Oh wait she does!  This picture makes my heart smile!

pics 3 111

On Friday we had this ‘Sweet Pumpkin"'’ come for a little trick or treat with her friends. 

They were are only trick or treaters this year, but definitely the most important!

pics 4 128 pics 4 125pics 4 136 pics 4 137  Our nephew Willie, Cori, and Annabelle

Hope you all had a wonderful spook-free Halloween!


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  1. Y'all are such a sweet aunt and uncle, Lauren. I know Annabelle adores you both!