Friday, November 5, 2010

Brother Love….

I went home to Tampa a few weeks ago for a glorious three day weekend!  Adam stayed home and hunted all weekend so mom and I were able to shop, shop, shop!  I slipped away on Sunday before heading back home to see my long lost brother Stephen and meet his precious girlfriend Kelsea!  Side note: I unfortunately don’t have the best relationship with my dad and that means I miss out on seeing my 2 brothers and 5 sisters.  Stephen who is the oldest is able to get away easier than the rest of the Kimball brood.  Let me just tell you its was amazing to see him and hear about all that has been happening in his life.  He is an artist and is aspiring to attend Ringling College of Art and Design after he graduates from high school.  I enjoyed him sharing about his life and seeing how he is becoming his own person forming his own ideals and thoughts about life.  We have plans for the next time we go home to do something fun!  He suggested “Boing”Jump Center” that has trampolines covering the floor and sides!  I can just see Adam jumping around…haha!  

Good times and many memories were made

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  1. Boing is incredible!!! I went with my kids :) great time!