Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookies, a Parade, and Family

I just love Christmas time full of singing, parties, and preparation for the birth of Jesus. 

~December 3rd~

The first festive activity this year was the 2nd annual cookie swap hosted by Annie and Carrie!  It is such a fun time of laughter and eating.  This year I made a toffee crackle cookie and they were delicious!  I love tasting all the cookies and then we have “the vote.”  I was so excited to hear my cookie won best cookie this year.  I got the cutest apron that I wore when baking all my cookies for my colleagues this year.  201012

~December 10th~

The Rotary Club and Junior Women’s Club put on Light Up Williston each year with a Christmas parade.  Since Adam and I have been together we have been going to the SEC Championship to cheer on the gators, but since this year was a season to forget we actually got to attend this year.  I loved it they had lights on all their trucks and trailers in he parade. Candy, lights, and Santa…what more could you ask for?

140NCD90 140NCD901

It was a cold night.  Annabelle was all bundled up for the parade!  Couldn’t enjoy a parade without a sweet little one to watch their wonder and excitement!  DSC_1682

~December 11th~

We have celebrated with the Whitehurst family last weekend.  Adam’s dad has three sisters and the four of them and all their children and their children’s children get together every year!  I love it because there are some family we only see at this celebration.  The children change so much over the year!   Last year we adopted a local family and this year we did the same.  I love the fact that we are able to provided for a whole family during the busy Christmas season.  After lunch all the women get together to wrap the gifts which is always a fun time.    Aunt Betty Ann and her family did a fabulous job decorating! 


Don’t you love this grape vine Christmas tree?


I am now on break from school and am hoping to enjoy being home and catch up with family and friends! 


  1. Y'all have so busy! I am crazy about that grapevine tree, Lauren!!

  2. That grape vine is so neat!! Congrats on winning the cookie exchange!!