Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to the Manger


Well every year we help out at our churches Vacation Bible School.  VBS is always amazing and that started people talking about the Christmas program.  Annie my SIL  was asked to put on the children’s Christmas program and asked me to help.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.  It was A LOT of work, but as of last Wednesday it is over and it turned out fantastic!  Each Wednesday since October we have worked with the CHERUB choir (3 yrs-Kindergarten) and the JOY choir (first-fifth grade)  to learn all the songs.  

The program had such a wonderful message and the children really understood why it is important to be compassionate to others and why we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  The main character Jackson was visiting his grandmother and the were attending her churches annual caroling outreach.  It was there that Jackson was introduced to a few children his age that showed him THE HO 2000 TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT MODULATOR, a time machine.  The children traveled through the decades (70s, 80s,50s,90s, 40s, and then to the birth of Jesus in the manger).  Jackson changed  the future by giving a young boy in the 40s his allowance who needed it more than him.  It so change that little boys life that he was the pastor of the church at the final scene when the time machine brought the children back to the present.  The perfect message to be sharing at Christmas when giving can change the outcome of a families life.  

DSC_1708 Here in the sanctuary is the HO 2000 TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT MODULATOR!DSC_1707

The Caroling Outreach sign Annie change when they traveled to each decade. 


Some of the JOY carolers getting excited about the performance.  The carolers sat in the choir loft and sang the carols as the main characters traveled through time.  DSC_1712

The CHERUB girls enjoying their sweet poodle skirts the mamas made for them when they sang the 50s song Ring Ring A Ling! 

DSC_1715 DSC_1713

A Doo Op Girl and  a Greaser Boy! 


The CHERUB girls not sure where the boys were.


The JOY Choir read to go up to the church!

Of course I have no photos from the program when you are trying to get the children to sing and say their parts at the right time, but after an hour of sweating and stressing the children did a phenomenal job and the audience loved every minute of it.  The audience laughed, cried and ewed and awed.  A success in my book!



Annie and I are overjoyed that the program went so well and that it is over because we want nothing more than to be home with our families during this Christmas season.  


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