Friday, December 31, 2010

FARKLE and a Bit of Dancing


Have you ever heard of Farkle?  Mom said she bought the game as a family gift years ago and decided to pack it for our first family ski trip. The three boys played this game over and over again while I took score in EXCEL on my computer.  It was hilarious to hear them play mind games with each other.  The premise of the game is you roll 6 dice and hope to get a 5, a 1, 3 of a kind, 3 pairs, 2 trios, 4 of a kind,  5 of a kind, or 6 of a kind.  Each combination is a different amounts of points and the first person to 10,000 points wins. 


Michael and Matthew were getting into it!


Matthew kept losing but finally he won and did a celebratory dance. 


This video makes me laugh so hard I could wet my pants.  Watch my brother Matthew’s (the one in the middle) dance moves and his face.  The second round is the best !  HAHA!

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  1. FARKLE?!?!? The name of the game is hilarious enough. The boys are funny dancing, but I am wondering why "Farkey" isnt doing the Farkle dance with them?!?!?!