Thursday, July 15, 2010

South Beach and Fourth of July Fun


No we were not in Miami on South Beach for the 4th we were on the South Beach DIET during the fourth of July weekend.  Unfathomable right…No ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, banana pudding, rice crispy treats…I could go on and on!  Adam was never drawn off the diet,  me I am not as strong willed.  We are on week 3 and have been eating super healthy, but I am so craving some junk food right now.  I have reached my goal and am trying to maintain.    Adam is only 13 lbs from his goal and I am proud of his determination to reach it.  We will be spending a week at the river in a few weeks and he keeps saying…”We are gonna look good at the river!!”….love it! DSC_0499

We celebrated the fourth of July weekend while at my FIL’s  beach condo at Daytona Beach.  Adam’s dad and Kellee (MIL),  renovated it recently and it turned out beautiful.  The couch and the new windows are probably my favorite part.  Annie and I went to the beach for a few days earlier this summer and every night I fell asleep on the couch while watch GLEE.  It is so comfy! 

Adam and his best friends love to play cards when they get together, so in the past year I have wanted to learn how to play the different games.  Spades was not one we ever played probably because you can’t put money on the game!  So while at the beach this time I learned how to play Spades.  It was such a blast, but DW says it hard to play with me because of my ADDness. Since then I have downloaded the Spades app on my phone to keep up my skills until the river (oh yes DW and Annie…we want a rematch…haha).

The rest of the time we played on the beach.  It was not a super sunny trip but we made the most of it.  DSC_0500


The waves were huge and powerful while there!  But the boys and AB still got in them. 





Adam and his Daddy chilling out taking in the beach.






AB with Pappy’s hat…too cute!





Uncle Adam being silly and AB copying him…haha…she loves my man!






The boys getting in a game of frisbee.





Adam’s brother Van and his youngest, Warren with a friend joined us for beach fun too.




DSC_0552Warren is such a handsome little one, but hates the camera.  You have to sneak a picture or he turns away and say no camera.





Pappy with his sand castle “cough, cough’ that someone else built, ha!




Spending time at the beach with so many people that I love to pieces was a great way to celebrate even if Adam and I were dieting! 


DSC_0575  DSC_0572



  1. Girl! You don't need to look good and river ready now! :) I'm lovin' the new blog background and header!

  2. If yall "are going to look good at the river" does that mean that yall are going to cheat a little down there? Because I'm just saying I can't be at Blue Run and not eat some junk! :) And about that Spades re-match, bring it, sister! :) I am SO looking forward to the week down there! :) Oh, and the pic of pappy with the sand castle is hilarious. TOOOOOO funny.

  3. Love the matching green outfits :)danny would tell me I tricked him if we wore the same color family ahha.

    DO MY BLOG!! did SUCH a nice job :) I love it. My momma rocked me in that rocking chair so it is a family heirloom! I am lucky :) No fancy gliders in my future, just strap on some cushions to the rocker!

  4. Good for y'all being good over the 4th of July. I have NO idea how you have such willpower. I need you to rub my arm in hopes some of that will rub off on me ;)