Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Other Brother

While Michael was graduating in June, Matt was gearing up to be done with middle school and be the low man on the totem pole as a freshman next year.  Matt has chosen a different path than his big brother and big sister.  He wants to pave his own way, by attending Jesuit High School, an all boy catholic school.  The coaches there wanted him to come to play football there.  I think it was a great decision, because he is his own person and nothing like Michael.  He will not be in anyone’s shadow!    He is so excited and we are thrilled for him!!  When growing up I had many “big brothers",” who were family friends.  I would go and watch one of these “big brothers” play football at Jesuit, so I am ecstatic to watch Matt run out on that field come fall.  Even with the 10 year age gap I am closer with Matt than I am with Michael, because of his fun loving personality.  He loves to laugh and be sarcastic and that is so my kinda person!  When I was home in early June I had the opportunity to meet some of his friends and they had a “bright” idea…..


DSC_0233 Matt shaving Jackson’s head!

DSC_0236 Everyone wanted to have a part in shaving Matt’s head!

DSC_0240They did it on the dock and said they should keep the hair for hair mats for the oil spill. 

DSC_0243Matt loving the new doo which was not quite done!!


The MACHO boys, or not…haha


My grandma and I had the best time watching them shave each others head.  Matt is now advertizing $5.oo haircuts.   So if you make your way down to Tampa look him up...ha!



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  1. Wow! Those boys could do a number on Allie Claire's hair ;)