Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All About AB Time

I may be missing my little ones from school, but that means I have much more time to spend with my number 1 little one…Annabelle!!!  To be her Aunt  “Nen”  is probably the best thing I could imagine until Adam and I start our own family.  We love to spoil her with love, time, and gifts of course.  I am so thankful for this time to spend with Annabelle and Annie!


She loves her Uncle Adam so much that her Momma and Daddy are probably tired of hearing his name every time they pass our house or a big black truck.  This little sister is just like her big brother in more ways than one and we just love it and thank our Lord for his treasures. 



  1. How can you not love that sweet face? She just keep getting cuter. It's must be great being an Aunt..... you can them all wound up and then send them home.

  2. sweet...she loves her aunt nen & uncle a-um for sure! :) love all these pics!
    Love your new header! Looks great!
    I tried to change my background and totally messed it up! I lost the old one and cant get it back on... errrr.... thats why I shouldnt have even tried! Ha...

  3. Lauren -- I LOVE the new header of photos and template! You did such a good job!! :) Can't wait to see you next Friday!! .. Maybe I'll bring Cori Belle to play for Annabelle and the other kiddos so you can meet her! :)

  4. I love the new header! I wish I was computer savvy enough to make something cool like that! I am hoping to educate myself soon! I love all the pics of Annabelle & you guys!