Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Unwavering Love

A mother's unwavering love is what I love to celebrate on Mother's Day. Mother's are such unselfish people who love their families and children unconditionally. As children we don't understand it but it truly is an amazing gift! I wish all the women in my life who are mothers a wonderful day filled with sweet memories of their children and the love you have for them. I look forward to the future when Adam and I's "future family" can celebrate what this day will mean to our family. Until then I will celebrate this day for my mother and the wonderful mother's who are in my life. I hope that I grow into the mother my mother was for me. I could go on and share the things I love most about my mom, but lets be honest she doesn't read my blog...haha! I will remence one memory in answer to my friend, Charon's question! As a teenager at home, sometimes life felt as if it was young and unknowledge I was...but my mother didn't care that I was bring melodramtic..she would sit down on the couch and listen and hug me. These tender moments when my heart was hurting was when my mom gave the simple gift of her ears, heart, and time. I love you mom! To the most beautiful "Jo" in my life! I pray for God's grace to be present in your family get togethers today!

Mom and Me pumped about walking into the BCS Championship game!


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  1. Such a sweet post. I can't believe how much you look like your mom! Wow!

    I love the new background, Lauren.