Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Progress: Our Church Families ReFocus Journey

Adam and I attended our church ReFocus Summit on April 25th. ReFocus is a program our church is using to focus our missional efforts on things our church family values. Adam and I, plus several of our family members have discussed in the past how "we think this should be done, and that should be done." Well, we decided we would attend the summit to share our thoughts and visions for what we wish our church would offer for us and other young couples who intend to raise their families in our church. We went into the summit knowing we would be the outsiders, never attending anything like this at our church before. We were the youngest people out of the fifteen there and the only couple. I would have to say it was God working in our lives for us to go, because Adam and I enjoyed every minute of it, including the BBQ lunch. There will be a total of three, with this being the first summit. This summit we took the time to look at our church through its journey, the good and the painful memories, circumstances, and people that have impacted the growth of our church. I being a new person in the church was amazed at how God works through people to create such an amazing church who cares about the community that surrounds them. Now a few of the 15 or so people that were at the summit were quite vocal, but it didn't take me long to feel comfortable to let them know what I thought. I am glad that we were there because we were able to let them see the church's future through our eyes and to see what the young couples/families value. We made new friends that we can't go to church on Sunday with out say hello to or asking how life is going. We put ourselves out there, which can be difficult and I already feel more at home with the people we have shared this summit with. Now Adam and I have been thinking and praying to see what exactly are we are seeking from our church and decided we so want to start a small group bible study in order to grow in Christ with others our age. Now a week and a half ago before church began the preacher came up to Adam and I to say, "Now you know that even though there is a young adult group already presently at our church, you feel free to start one up your self. The more small groups the better!" Now was that an answer to our prayers or what, God surely does answer your prayers in his perfect timing! We are so excited and we are in the planning process to figure out what our focus will be, who might be interested...my hope is to get our small group meeting around the time school starts back and all us vacationers are done vacationing.



  1. Lauren, you are such an inspiration. I admire you so much! and....you never know who you might see at the Bible study : )

  2. That's awesome, Lauren! I wish someone would start a new couples Sunday school class at my church. We are still in with newlyweds and it's a little odd since most of our couples have at least one child?!