Friday, July 15, 2011

A Tardy 4th

I have really been enjoying my time off going here and there, reading a great book, and meeting up with great family and  friends!  All the fun sure does making blogging go on the back burner, but for my memories sake I am attempting to catch up!

For the 4th we head to the beach as usual but it was more packed than last year for sure.  We had 6 last year and this year it was much more full with 10!


Three of the munchkins resting as we slipped out and head for breakfast on the pier at Adam’s dads favorite breakfast spot…Crabby Joes!


The beach would not be complete without a little side work.  Adam was hard at work fixing the door stop.


We headed to the beach for some fun in the sun!  It was a perfect day and the beach was pack for the 4th!


Elliot and Taylor


Sand castle building had commenced!


All set up for hotdogs on the beach.   A new tradition which was festive and delicious! After lunch we had pool time so AB could show off her new swimming skills.  Uncle Adam was impressed and spider crawled with her…ha!


Love this picture of “most” of the girls!  Too cute!


Last year I had my first opportunity to experience a NASCAR race and this year I was ready for round 2 when a ticket was offered to me.  Last year it was me and all the guys so it was super fun to share round 2 with Annie! P1010331


The Race Crew 2011!


So Serious…GO Jr.!


Last year it rained and there was very few people walking around and this year the place was packed and the crowd was lively (I used the kindest word possible). 


Jr.’s intro.  we were hoping for a great race!


All ready to listen to Jr. and his crew at the start of the race.  This race definitely did not disappoint with lots of wrecks that were visible this year.  The last one was right in front of our seat and there were debris flying everywhere and the smell of oil and tire rubber burned out noses.  The next morning we headed home for another round of scalloping!

Scalloping day one was fun and we got to visit with friends, Matt and Grace who we had not seen in some time.


Day 2 was a bit more rowdy for my taste but it was still a successful trip.  We limited out both days and we still had time to make it to a firework show with Mark and Christina on the 4th!



Looking forward to a 4th next year with this much or more excitement! 


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