Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girlfriend Time

Met up with some good looking women and handsome young men for some girl time over the last few weeks!  Christina, Rita, and I decided a lunch date was in order.  We had lunch in Ocala at Mimi’s Café with some entertainment…Hoyt and L were the best behaved boys! 



Love this picture with Hoyt and Christina.  He is all about snuggling and giving hugs!


L was ready for a nap once his belly was full!

Love getting away with the girls!  Since this lunch we have begun working out in the mornings when our schedule allows.  Let just say we were all so incredible sore, but after round 2 I could feel “the weakness” leave my muscles.  It feels good to keep in shape I just don’t know why I don’t keep up with it.   We are planning a girls trip for November to Atlanta and even thought it is like 15 weeks away I am already counting down the days. 

Annie, Carrie and I got to celebrate Stephanie at the shower for the triplet boys.  We hope they stay in as long as they can but are also anticipating their arrival!


Great memories with the girls!


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  1. Good for you for working out! My doctor asked me last week if I was getting exercise and Adam busted out laughing, totally giving me away...I said, "'s hot and I'm tired all the time!"