Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Went Out with a Bang…

I have been wanting to do some bowling for quite sometime and when we went about a month and half ago I bowled really, really well.  So I was thrilled for another night of bowling, but I was less than stellar.  Check out LDiddy as Jimbo called me that night.  Pretty bad, right?  We had such a great time though bowling in “The Stockroom” which we had completely to ourselves.  BadBeat Mark was definitely the best bowler and he was even nice enough to give me a pointer or two!

June 2011

We had more friends show up but after bowling for 2 hours we were ready for a change of scenery. We ending up heading over to Skate Station for some go kart races.  We each got 2 tickets and the boys fought and ran for the fastest car.  It was like they were all seven years old again.

June 20111

The next day we headed back to Gainesville to help move my little brother Michael in to his apartment.  He decided after a year of school in Massachusetts he just wasn’t cut out for the cold or being that faraway from family.  So he has enrolled at Santa Fe to finish up his AA and transfer to UF.  I couldn’t be more excited to have him close by Adam and I. I am trying so hard to give him his space and not be a second mom  breathing down his neck.  So I limit myself to asking him once a week to dinner, which has worked out nicely and I think he has enjoyed himself.  Check out his new place…it is so nice! 

June 20112

That night we all went to dinner for my birthday since we weren’t altogether the weekend before.  We ate at our families favorite steak place in Gainesville, Mark’s US Prime and it did not disappoint!


The Family (minus Adam who is taking the picture and Matt)

On Sunday we were off for yet another adventure…SCALLOPING! I had never been scalloping and was so excited!  We were invited to go a few years ago but the boat kept stalling on us.  A gracious pontoon boat towed us back in and gave me a scallop from their boat so I could at least see what one looked like since I had only ever seen a scallop shucked.  We proceeded to scallop for it in Adam’s dad’s pool…haha!  So fast forward to the present and put me on a boat that started to stall out again.  I know your probably thinking what I was thinking I am bad luck and should not try and go scalloping anymore.  Prior to us heading out on the water the boys replaced a tube that had a hole and they tube was reversed.  Once they flipped it around we were ready to go and I was pumped!  For those that know me I am deathly afraid of water creatures especially sharks, so getting into the open ocean and swimming is not a strength for me.  I watched the others get in and start picking up scallops and finally I got the nerve to get in.  Adam swam with me the whole time and was so great to baby stepping me into feeling comfortable.  I would have to say I LOVE SCALLOPING!  It is so fun and I am actually pretty good at finding the scallops.  Adam held the bag because holding the bag and feeling it brush against my leg startled me.  Every time we got close together I would have 5 or 6 scallops ready for the bag.  That Monday our friend, Torie cooked the scallops in a crab cake and they were delicious.  We are so grateful to have such awesome friends who invite us to go out on the boat with them!

June 20113

June 20114

After that whirlwind weekend of fun I had four days of training, but it was not bad because I have the most awesome lead and first grade team to work with!  Together with our administration we put together such an awesome training for the school.  Our theme was Dive in Deeper!  We had time to plan collaboratively and my first grade team is just so excited and ready to share!  I think this school year will be very organized or at least that is my wish!  June 20115


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