Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tangled Castles

My most cherished summer memories as a child include water and family.  The first 2 weeks in July were always spent in Michigan visiting my mom’s family.  These 2 weeks I had to forget my city girl ways and learn how to rough it, because we stayed at 16 Mile Lake Camp, which my Great-Grandpa Parker built for the family year and years ago.  I love when you pull up the tree canopied drive way and you can see his name he left in the foundation.  The lake is where you would find us at any time of the day either floating on the big stinky black tire tubes, the paddle boat, or just swimming.  We caught bull frog fish, minnows, and even the disgusting leaches that got a salt bath immediately.  We would take evening walk along the wooded roads and pick blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries for an evening snack.  It was 2 weeks of our lives that were not crazy, it was simpler time of family fun. 

In June or late August my father’s side of the family always geared up for the Fun Filled Family Reunion (Kimball style).  My Granddaddy and Grandmommy would make all the arrangements at a Florida beach resort.  Each family got their own room and most of the time there were adjoining and that is where the craziness really began.  There were 18 cousins and we sure knew how to drive our families crazy.  Each day we had different things planned such as sand castle contests, scavenger hunts, drama night, dinner at Crabby Bills.  With 10 of the grandchildren either in or out of college we haven’t had a family reunion in quite sometime, but the memories from those reunions will never fade.  

I love having those summer memoires on the water with family.  It has been a few years now that Annie and I began a summer tradition of our own.  A girls trip to the beach!  It is always just what we need at the start of the summer.  Each year is has got more and more fun as AB gets bigger and more fearless of the water and the sand.  Last year she didn’t even what to touch the sand so playing in the sand was not much of an option.  This year she dug right in and I was ready to build some “tangled” sandcastles with her!


Day 1 Prior to seeing Tangled multiple times!


Day 2 After seeing Tangled!


AB with her “pupl” shovelIMAG0875

Day 3 After watching Tangled I think 3 times! We have a tower for Tangled and one for AB two smaller towers for Annie and Aunt Nen. 


Uncle Adam could have “eaten” AB up in that sweet watermelon suit!


Aunt Nen and her #1 Beach buddy this year!



  1. I love that blue and green dress! :) And that pic of you and AB needs to be framed!