Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Reading 2011

I love teaching and could work all summer on school stuff, but I made myself promise to give myself 2 full weeks of no school work and just enjoy my summer and decompress.  I finished my post-planning check list and turned in my classroom key Thursday, June 9th and successfully made it to Wednesday of last week.  Hmmm…12 days I was almost there!  I didn’t actually do school work I was asked to help with first grade interviews but still it involved school stuff.  I didn’t make my 14 day promise but I have definitely decompressed and enjoyed my break so far. I have read 5 books this summer and I want to try and fit in one more before next week when we have a school training.  I fear they will give us a professional development book to read when I am in full reading for pleasure mode. 

There is just something about a good book that sucks me in. 

perfect fifths

Started this book last summer so I had to restart it! It is the fifth in its series. 

safe haven

I am sucker for Nicolas Sparks.  I have read all his books but would have to say this is one of my favorites thus far.  A lot of suspense!

moon sheel beach

I had never read a book by this author and this was given to me by my mom to read and really loved her writing style.  She has another book out called Summer House and am thinking that might be my 6th summer read. 

eat cake

Grandma D gave me this book when she visited this spring and told me she thought I would enjoy it.  It was about the intricacies of family which we all have to deal with. 


I bought this book a few summers ago but never got around to reading it.  Wiesel is a Jewish man who endured the persecution during the Holocaust. Night was his story and it was a gripping one at that.  If you enjoy history definitely pick this one up. 

Any summer reading suggestions would be welcomed!!! 



  1. i love to read--anytime of year, but summertime at the beach is the best!!!!

  2. I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks too. :) I haven't cracked a book that wasn't geared towards children in a LONG time...maybe I need to set some summer reading goals!