Monday, April 11, 2011


Had to take my first sick day today!  I found myself making sub plans at 5 AM and heading to school a little after 6 to set up my room for a sub. I have a strong dislike for being out of the classroom so taking a day to be sick is hard for me but with a tummy bug the classroom was not where I needed to be.  I went to the doctor, got a prescription, and took a long afternoon nap.  I am now starting to feel like myself again.  I am looking forward to feeling 100% and getting back to my youngin’s! 

Adam and I had a fun weekend together.  We started our weekend off with a dinner date at Backyard BBQ with our friends Chris and Lesley!  We just have the best time together with these friends.  Chris is silly which makes Adam comfortable because he feels like he can be his silly self. 

Saturday morning we picked up limbs in the yard from that horrible storm we had on Tuesday.  It the worst storm we have had in awhile…Sadie and I sat in the hallway until it was over.  I was still so freaked out my wonderful husband came and drove me to work that morning. After a little but  yard work we got ready for the ORANGE and BLUE game.  My dad came up for it and we got to eat some breakfast at Peach Valley Café.  Yum! Just typing the name makes me think of those apple fritters.  We had a good time checking out our gators with Dad.  We hit up my favorite Red Mango before we head back to Williston to hit up Pappy’s pool for the rest of the afternoon.  Have you ever tried Red Mango because I am in love?  I eat the same thing almost every time.  Adam and I have a hard time going into Gainesville and not stopping there. IMAG0742IMAG0744IMAG0747

After church on Sunday we headed to our favorite home improvement store LOWES!  We have gradually been replacing some of our landscape that got killed off with the winter freezes. We had a one of our knock out roses die, all the plants that boarded the sidewalk, the four plants up by the porch, and all of our little blue flower plants.  Can’t you tell I am green thumb..I know all the names?  Ha!


I think it is finally starting to shape up.  We need our tree on the right to start growing in the middle, because it is driving me crazy! We planted little plants right up front by the porch but they are almost too little and we have talked about replacing them (they were free). Hopefully by the end of April it will be perfect to enjoy all summer!


Enjoy your week it will be a busy one for us!



  1. Hope your feeling 100% soon! =)

  2. hope you are feeling better! nolan missed you today!!! it's just not the same without mrs. whitehurst he says!!

  3. Hope you feel better. Tell Adam not to work you so hard in the yard next time. ha